Manage Your Medication Schedule

By Burgo, Kate

For people with metabolic syndrome who take several medications, keeping them straight can be tricky. A little organization can help you remember what each medication does and when to take it.

These tips can help you stay on schedule and avoid mistakes:

  • Learn your medications. Review each pill bottle, and if you don’t remember what a medication is for or when to take it, ask your health care provider or pharmacist. Write down the instructions and keep them by the bottles.

  • Use memory aids. Keep a calendar with your medications. Make a note every time you take them. Taking your medication when you do another activity—such as eating meals or brushing your teeth—can help you avoid missing doses. So can setting a timer or watch alarm.

  • Simplify. Put colored stickers on the bottles. Choose one color for morning medications and another color for bedtime. Or, use a pillbox with compartments for the days of the week. Once a week, divide your pills into the compartments. Note on your calendar when it’s time to order refills. If it still seems like a lot to remember, ask your health care provider if the doses can be simplified.




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