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Counseling Does Little to Deter Youth Drinking, Review Finds

08/22/2014 - Technique commonly used for problem drinkers only lowered consumption slightly, didn't change behaviors

Low-Nicotine Cigarettes May Not Lead to More Smoking

08/22/2014 - Concerns about inhaling more toxic chemicals weren't borne out in study

Many U.S. Workers on Disability Use Narcotic Painkillers, Study Finds

08/22/2014 - Experts worry about addiction, drug misuse

Health Highlights: Aug. 22, 2014

08/22/2014 -

Health Tip: Healthy Grilling Options

08/22/2014 - Choose from a variety of meats, veggies and fruit

Health Tip: Incorporating Flexibility Training

08/22/2014 - Stretching, for example, can help improve range of motion

Getting Healthier a Big Money-Saver for People With Diabetes

08/21/2014 - Sticking with a fitness and nutrition plan can save more than $500 a year in health-care costs, study finds

Failing Vision Tied to Shorter Lifespans for Seniors

08/21/2014 - Link could be due to faltering ability to carry out daily tasks, researchers say

Low Birth Weights May Put Black Women at Risk for Diabetes

08/21/2014 - Study found association regardless of their current weight

Talk Therapy Plus Meds May Be Best for Severe Depression

08/21/2014 - But combination isn't better than drugs alone for those with mild or chronic mood disorder, study says

U.S. to Tighten Access to Certain Narcotic Painkillers

08/21/2014 - Drugs containing hydrocodone, which include Vicodin, would be affected

Racial Disparities in Breast-Feeding May Start With Hospitals, Study Suggests

08/21/2014 - Maternity care practices differ in neighborhoods with more black residents than average, CDC research finds

Air in U.S. Cities Getting Cleaner, EPA Says

08/21/2014 - Levels of many toxins, pollutants have been lowered since 1990, according to the agency

Two Polio Vaccines May Give Greater Protection Against Crippling Disease

08/21/2014 - Study found combining them boosted immune system even more than one

New Drug May Fight Serious Respiratory Virus in Infants

08/21/2014 - RSV leading cause of hospitalization among infants, researchers note

Fewer U.S. Teens Using Sunscreen, Study Finds

08/21/2014 - Warnings about sun exposure and skin cancer aren't getting through, experts say

Kids With Autism Have Extra Brain Connections, Study Says

08/21/2014 - Too many of these 'synapses' could be a problem, but medicines might someday help prune them away

Blacks May Face Higher Risk of Diabetes-Linked Vision Loss

08/21/2014 - Diabetic macular edema seems to strike some types of patients more frequently

New Test Helps Diagnose Type 1 Diabetes

08/21/2014 - But negative result doesn't rule out disease, FDA warns

Both U.S. Health-Care Workers Infected With Ebola Released From Hospital

08/21/2014 - Though still weak, they're expected to continue to recover and pose no risk to the public, doctors say