Diabetes and the Endocrine System in the News

Health Highlights: Sept. 14, 2014

09/14/2014 -

American Ebola Patient Gets Appetite Back

09/14/2014 - Doctors at Nebraska hospital where Dr. Rick Sacra is being treated said he has eaten ice cream

A Good Night's Sleep May Mean a Good Day's Work

09/14/2014 - Too much, too little slumber linked to raised number of sick days, researchers say

Health Highlights: Sept. 13, 2014

09/13/2014 -

Scientists Watch Imagination at Work in the Brain

09/13/2014 - Activity is centered in the hippocampus, but in a way that's distinct from simply remembering

Hog Workers May Bring Drug-Resistant Bacteria Home

09/12/2014 - Almost half persistently tested positive for livestock-linked germs, small study finds

Study: Undiagnosed Sleep Disorders Common With Multiple Sclerosis

09/12/2014 - Lack of shuteye could affect disease progression, researchers caution

Traffic Pollution Linked to Higher Levels of Obesity Hormone

09/12/2014 - Findings could help explain association between dirty air, risk for heart disease, researchers say

Few Students With Asthma, Allergies Have School Emergency Plan

09/12/2014 - Schools must be well prepared to deal with life-threatening reactions, researchers caution

ER Patients Often Confuse Role of Emergency Contacts

09/12/2014 - They aren't the same as medical decision makers in advanced directives, study notes

New Myelin Loss Linked to MS Severity: Study

09/12/2014 - Brain scans show gray matter damage associated with advanced form of disease

Combo Diabetes Therapy Outperforms Other Treatments, Study Finds

09/12/2014 - Patients with type 2 disease were less likely to gain weight, suffer dangerous drops in blood sugar levels

Sunny Skies Tied to Suicide Rates

09/12/2014 - Austrian researchers find short-term sunshine increases risk, longer-term lowers it

Salty Foods May Double Smokers' Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis

09/12/2014 - About half of raised risk from tobacco tied to interaction with too much sodium, study finds

Stem Cell Research Offers Clues About Schizophrenia

09/12/2014 - Findings could point to new drugs for the brain disorder, researchers say

Eat More Fish, Save Your Hearing?

09/12/2014 - Two or more servings weekly might prevent or delay chronic health problem for women, research suggests

The Parenting Trap: Coddling Anxious Kids

09/12/2014 - Trying to protect children from source of anxiety may make things worse, researchers say

Health Tip: Add Iron to Your Diet During Pregnancy

09/12/2014 - Suggestions for what to eat

Health Tip: Helping Your Newborn Sleep

09/12/2014 - Watch for signs that the infant is tired

Diabetics Face Much Greater Risk of Heart Damage, Study Says

09/12/2014 - Ultra-sensitive test detects trouble even with normal cholesterol, researchers find