Diabetes and the Endocrine System in the News

U.S. School Meal Rules Might Work Against Good Nutrition, Study Says

11/19/2014 - Federal mandates don't limit added sugar or carbohydrates, researchers say

Oxygen May Not Help Heart Attack Victims

11/19/2014 - Study ties treatment to greater heart damage, but more research urged

3-D Model of Heart May Help Surgeons Fix Defects

11/19/2014 - New technology might make for better-prepared doctors, 'fewer surprises' in the OR, experts say

Fewer Infants Dying Than Before, CDC Reports

11/19/2014 - Better prenatal care still needed to lower number of stillbirths, expert says

Kids Who Need Heart Transplant Should Get the First Available, Study Says

11/19/2014 - Waiting for a suitable match based on antibodies lowered survival rate, researchers found

Women With Heart Disease at Low Risk When Giving Birth: Study

11/19/2014 - California researchers find more C-sections, longer hospital stays but no significant complications

Blue-Eyed People May Face Higher Melanoma Risk

11/19/2014 - Study found genes for the eye color and for red hair were tied to moles, often a precursor for the skin cancer

Get Ready for the Great American Smokeout

11/19/2014 - American Cancer Society has plenty of tips to help you kick the habit

Low Levels of Vitamin D May Raise Early Death Risk: Study

11/19/2014 - But having gene variants linked to levels of the vitamin didn't affect rate of deaths from heart causes

Health Highlights: Nov. 19, 2014

11/19/2014 -

Health Tip: Easing Baby's Nasal Congestion

11/19/2014 - Use a cool-mist humidifier

Chasing, Tackling Suspects Raises Cops' Odds of Sudden Death

11/19/2014 - Overall risk to any one officer remains very small, researchers stress

Health Tip: Make Home Safer for Alzheimer's

11/19/2014 - Limit access to areas that could pose danger

Alcoholism Damages Brain's White Matter, Scans Show

11/18/2014 - Areas tied to decision-making, such as how much to drink, seem most affected, researchers say

Wireless ECG Speeds Up Heart Attack Treatments, Study Shows

11/18/2014 - Qatar researchers found ambulance-to-angioplasty times cut dramatically with trans-satellite device

Number of Pregnant Women on Narcotic Painkillers, Heroin Doubles, Study Finds

11/18/2014 - U.S. national data shows steady rise, and abuse may pose dangers to mother and baby, experts say

Working Night Shift Slows Metabolism, Study Suggests

11/18/2014 - Finding means fewer calories burned, and may explain why shift workers tend to gain weight, researcher says

Trans Fats May Sap Your Memory

11/18/2014 - Researchers report that men who consumed more of them did worse on word recall test

Even With a Little Weight Gain, Quitting Smoking Is Still Healthier Choice

11/18/2014 - Japanese study found that stopping the habit boosted survival, even if a few pounds were added on

Alcohol Taxes May Give Boost to Public Health, Economy

11/18/2014 - Study counters notion that higher prices on booze will cost jobs, researchers say