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Kids Taking ADHD Drugs Get Little Psychotherapy: Study

09/23/2014 - Researchers find rates vary widely by county in U.S.

FDA Warns Doctors of Danger From Fake Drugs

09/23/2014 - Health care providers ordering meds should view 'too good to be true' offers with suspicion, agency says

Report Identifies Game Changers for U.S. Health Care

09/23/2014 - Recent innovations, developments may transform direction of patient care in next decade, researchers say

Ebola Cases Could Reach 1.4 Million in Months, CDC Predicts

09/23/2014 - Isolating infected patients is the best way to stem the epidemic, health officials say

Breast Milk a Risk for Spreading Common Virus to Preemies, Study Finds

09/23/2014 - CMV dangerous for low birth weight infants, but mom can be tested before delivery to see if she carries virus

Some Women Need Tests for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Experts Say

09/23/2014 - Guidelines include all sexually active females 24 and younger, plus older women deemed at higher risk

Blood Test for Yeast Infections Approved

09/23/2014 - Rare infections primarily affect people with weakened immune systems

Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs May Help After Certain Strokes

09/23/2014 - Statins appear to boost survival rates after bleeding in the brain, study reports

NIH Adds $10M to Encourage Gender Balance in Clinical Trials

09/23/2014 - These strategic investments help incorporate sex into existing funded studies, U.S. health officials say

Job Worries Can Raise Asthma Risk, Study Says

09/23/2014 - Findings support idea that work-related stress contributes to development of respiratory disorder

Health Highlights: Sept. 23, 2014

09/23/2014 -

Health Tip: Get Fit With a Buddy

09/23/2014 - It's easier than going it alone

Health Tip: Relax Daily

09/23/2014 - It helps the mind and body

Behavioral Counseling Urged for Teens, Young Adults at Risk for STDs

09/22/2014 - 'Intensive' instruction most effective for curbing dangerous practices, U.S. health experts say

Health Woes to Worsen Due to Climate Change, Study Warns

09/22/2014 - Experts predict surge in breathing problems, infections and food shortages

Study: Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors May Prevent 80 Percent of Heart Attacks

09/22/2014 - Men who follow 5 guidelines dramatically cut their risk, researchers say

Study Suggests Why Pregnant Women Get Sicker From Flu

09/22/2014 - An aggressive immune system response may worsen symptoms, researchers say

Noninvasive Devices May Help Migraines, FDA Says

09/22/2014 - New treatments might aid those who can't tolerate medications

Can Brain Scans Help Predict Young Children's Reading Abilities?

09/22/2014 - Imaging might detect early reading troubles like dyslexia, researchers say

Brainwaves May Help Gauge Autism Severity: Study

09/22/2014 - Seeing how fast a child processes sounds might lead to earlier diagnosis, too, researchers say

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