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Many Women Unaware of Female-Specific Stroke Symptoms

05/06/2015 - Pregnancy, migraines and hormone therapy put women at increased risk, researchers say

For Gay Children, Bullying Begins Early, Happens Often: Study

05/06/2015 - LGBT students experience higher levels of peer harassment as early as fifth grade

Nursing Homes Using Hospice Care More, But at a Cost

05/06/2015 - Spending increased about $6,800 for those getting end-of-life comfort care, study says

Why Do More Women Than Men Have Weight-Loss Surgery?

05/06/2015 - Women may possess greater overall awareness of the risks posed by obesity, study finds

Many Aging Boomers Face Chronic Illness, But Death Rate Is Falling: CDC

05/06/2015 - Report finds nearly half need a heart drug, almost a fifth are diabetic

Millennials More Tolerant, Less Promiscuous Than Their Parents

05/06/2015 - Study details Americans' changing views on sexual behavior over last four decades

Healthy Eating May Shield the Aging Brain

05/06/2015 - Study found those who ate most fruits, veggies, fish were least likely to show thinking declines over 5 years

Almost 17 Million Gained Coverage Under Obamacare

05/06/2015 - But many Americans still can't afford medical care, expert says

'Love Hormone' May Help New Moms Heed Crying Babies

05/06/2015 - Brain scan study suggests oxytocin might play role in getting new mothers to care for infants

Patients With Bleeding Strokes May Do Better at Specialized Centers

05/06/2015 - Study found victims were less likely to die within 90 days when treated at more advanced facilities

Sharp Drop in Uninsured Texans Since Obamacare Rollout: Survey

05/06/2015 - But poorest residents are far more likely to lack coverage than the rich

Little Risk of Vitamin D Toxicity, Study Says

05/06/2015 - Concerns about high calcium blood levels led to 10-year study

More Aging Americans Using Canes, Walkers

05/06/2015 - Many seniors rely on more than one mobility device, study finds

'Cruise Ship' Norovirus Bug Can Spread by Air, Study Finds

05/06/2015 - Current containment strategies may need adjusting, research suggests

Does Mom's Cellphone Startle the Fetus?

05/06/2015 - Researchers say yes, but potential consequences are unclear

Health Highlights: May 6, 2015

05/06/2015 -

3 Steps May Boost Healthier Eating

05/06/2015 - Make nutritious foods convenient, attractive and normal, research suggests

Health Tip: Moms, Make Time for Yourself

05/06/2015 - A healthier you benefits the family

Health Tip: Living With Diabetes and Heart Disease

05/06/2015 - Suggestions for dealing with this double whammy

Sleep Apnea Treatment May Help Lower Diabetes Risk for Some

05/05/2015 - Wearing CPAP device eight hours a night improved blood sugar levels in study

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