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Drug Offers Hope Against Disease Where Sunlight Causes Pain

07/02/2015 - Implanted pellet allows people with rare genetic condition to venture into daylight

Could Blue Eyes Raise Odds for Alcoholism?

07/02/2015 - Study finds genes that determine eye color line up along ones tied to alcohol abuse

Summer Danger: BBQ Grill Brush Wires Causing Big Health Woes

07/02/2015 - If ingested, stray wire bristles can pierce throat, intestines, public health experts warn.

Naps May Boost Worker Productivity

07/02/2015 - Hour of rest during the day seemed to ease impulsiveness and frustration, researchers report

How to Avoid July Fourth Allergy Flare-Ups

07/02/2015 - Smoke, stings, mold are common summer allergens that can trigger asthma, allergy attacks, experts say

Health Highlights: July 2, 2015

07/02/2015 -

Health Tip: Pack Food and Water for Camping

07/02/2015 - Suggestions for safe storage

Health Tip: Help Curb Sleep Talking

07/02/2015 - Try to limit stress and anxiety

Promise From a New Weight-Loss Drug

07/01/2015 - Two-thirds who took Saxenda lost 5 percent of body weight, study shows

Menopausal Women at Lower Heart Risk Than Men of Similar Age

07/01/2015 - Study found little difference between menopause types, but black women had less advantage than white

Unapproved Ear Drops Targeted by FDA

07/01/2015 - These prescription meds have been available for years, but safety, quality are concerns

Patients with Low-Grade Brain Tumors Living Longer

07/01/2015 - Chemo improvements have likely played a role, researchers say

Do Cholesterol Drugs Affect Aggression?

07/01/2015 - Study finds it's possible, but more research is suggested

Are Too Many Young Americans Getting Antipsychotics for ADHD?

07/01/2015 - Study shows rise in prescriptions for the powerful medications, even though they're not OK'd for this use

Parents' Genetic Similarities Could Affect Kids' Height, Intellect

07/01/2015 - UK geneticists examine 'relatedness' and its impact on offspring in global study

Indoor Tanning Rates Decline As Cancer Warnings Mount

07/01/2015 - Study finds Americans are staying away from unhealthy practice in growing numbers

Weight-Loss Surgery May Beat Diet, Exercise as Type 2 Diabetes Treatment

07/01/2015 - After procedure, many patients no longer need medications, researchers find

Extracurricular Sports May Give Kids' Academics a Boost

07/01/2015 - Study suggests these activities might improve kids' attention span, self-control

Red Cross Urges Americans to Give Blood During Fourth of July

07/01/2015 - More than 40 percent of people will be away, but drive continues over holiday weekend

Many U.S. AIDS Patients Still Die When 'Opportunistic' Infections Strike

07/01/2015 - Study of San Francisco data for 1997-2012 shows 35 percent death rate over 5 years for these patients

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