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Health Tip: Risk Factors for a Herniated Disk

07/28/2014 - Including improper lifting

Health Tip: Recognize Signs of Bullying

07/28/2014 - Such as a sudden desire to avoid school

Wives' Higher Education May Not Affect Divorce Rate

07/27/2014 - Couples with equal levels of academic achievement less likely to split than if husbands have more, study finds

Health Highlights: July 27, 2014

07/27/2014 -

Don't Let Kids Drink Pool Water

07/26/2014 - Expert offers tips for spotting chlorine poisoning, bacterial infection, secondary drowning in kids

Distractions Seem More Troublesome With Age

07/25/2014 - Seniors scored worse on tests than young adults, study says

Human Brain Has Coping Mechanism for Dehydration

07/25/2014 - The mind preserves oxygen to protect itself from the effects of too little fluid, research shows

IRS Caps Fines on Uninsured Americans at $12K for Family of 5

07/25/2014 - Maximum payment set at nearly $2,500 for individuals

Rhymes Reveal Evidence of Learning in the Womb

07/25/2014 - By third trimester, unborn babies respond to rhymes recited by their mothers, research shows

Lymphoma Treatment May Harm, Halt Men's Sperm Production

07/25/2014 - But most men regain their fertility within two years of final treatment, researchers add

Genes May Be Key to Language Delay in Kids

07/25/2014 - Study of twins suggests vocabulary, grammar skills largely inherited

Anal, Throat Cancers on the Rise Among Young Adults, Study Finds

07/25/2014 - HPV is the main culprit, but vaccination can reduce the risk, experts say

Most Adults Are Members of 'Clean Plate Club'

07/25/2014 - Study shows they finish 92 percent of what's on their plates, kids eat just 59 percent

Health Highlights: July 25, 2014

07/25/2014 -

Lift U.S. Ban on Blood Donations by Gay Men, Experts Say

07/25/2014 - American Red Cross, other groups also urge easing restrictions due to better blood screening

The 'Hobby Lobby Ruling' and What It Means for U.S. Health Care

07/25/2014 - Some predict challenges to medical practices that conflict with religious beliefs; others dismiss such scenarios as alarmist

Diet Changes Can Alter Gut Bacteria, Study Says

07/25/2014 - Researchers monitored stool samples of two people for a year

Study Links Shift Work to Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

07/25/2014 - Researchers cite many possible reasons for the effect, including hormonal changes

Health Tip: Pack Safety Essentials for a Long Hike

07/25/2014 - Don't forget a map

Health Tip: Easing Headache Pain

07/25/2014 - Use an ice pack or heat wrap