Genetics and Birth Defects in the News

Living With a Smoker Like Living in a Polluted City: Study

10/21/2014 - Air-particle levels in smoking households almost 10 times higher than nonsmoking homes

Traffic Pollution May Be a Risk While Pregnant

10/21/2014 - Reduced lung function seen in children at age 4, study says

Ebola Anxiety: A Bigger Threat Now Than the Virus Itself

10/21/2014 - Mental health experts offer antidotes to what they see as unnecessary worry on some Americans' part

Gene May Help Shield Hispanic Women From Breast Cancer, Study Says

10/21/2014 - Genetic variation also linked to less dense tissue

Health Tip: Snacking After School

10/21/2014 - Take steps to avoid getting sick

Health Tip: Dish Up Healthier Halloween Goodies

10/21/2014 - Non-candy alternatives

Airport Screening in West Africa Will Curb Ebola's Spread: Study

10/21/2014 - Testing would-be passengers in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone could spot 3 cases of disease a month

CDC Tightens Rules on Caring for Ebola Patients

10/21/2014 - Full body suits, respirators now recommended, along with monitor to observe workers removing gear

Pricey Hepatitis Drug a Good Bet in U.S. Prisons, Study Says

10/20/2014 - Researchers conclude Sovaldi is cost-effective

Parkinson's Drugs May Spur Compulsive Behaviors

10/20/2014 - Study estimated a 10 percent increased risk of impulsive gambling, shopping and hypersexuality

Mouse Study Suggests Antibiotics May Aid Salmonella's Spread in Animals

10/20/2014 - Experts say findings have troubling implications for use of drugs to treat livestock

Herceptin Boosts Survival for Breast Cancer, Study Reports

10/20/2014 - Taking drug in addition to chemotherapy also reduces risk of cancer recurrence

Regular Doctor Visits Help Control Blood Pressure, Study Says

10/20/2014 - Having health insurance also associated with better readings

Some Lung Patients Buy Cigarettes Along With Meds at Pharmacies: Study

10/20/2014 - To end this paradoxical practice, certain drug stores no longer sell tobacco products

For Infertility Treatment, Should He Drink Less Coffee, More Booze?

10/20/2014 - Study suggests male beverage consumption affects in vitro fertilization results

Medication Errors Occur Every 8 Minutes in U.S. Children

10/20/2014 - Study finds that liquid drugs are the most commonly misused at home

Goodbye to Reading Glasses?

10/20/2014 - Implantable eye device shows promise in preliminary trial, researchers say

Health Highlights: Oct. 20, 2014

10/20/2014 -

As U.S. Economy Worsened, Vasectomy Rates Rose, Study Finds

10/20/2014 - National data shows a 28 percent rise in men opting for the procedure

Circumcision Past Newborn Stage Poses Risk for Boys, Study Finds

10/20/2014 - Delaying procedure also linked with higher costs, experts say

15 Ways To Get Better Medicine

People who are actively involved in their medical care stay healthier, recover quicker when they're ill, and live longer, healthier lives.