Genetics and Birth Defects in the News

Statins Linked to Raised Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

03/05/2015 - Large Finnish study found a nearly 50 percent increase in people taking cholesterol-lowering drugs

Stress May Undermine Heart Benefits of Exercise

03/05/2015 - Study found teens who lacked coping skills faced raised heart risks that physical fitness did not counter

Early Studies See No Heart Risk From Testosterone Therapy

03/04/2015 - But experts agree more research is needed, especially in light of FDA warning

Common Drug for Irregular Heartbeat Tied to Worse Outcomes

03/04/2015 - But study group taking digoxin may have been sicker overall, cardiologist notes

Chinese Researchers Report Successful Hepatitis E Vaccine

03/04/2015 - New immunization offers nearly 5 years of protection, experts say

Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Stem Further Damage After Heart Attack

03/04/2015 - Survivors who took large, daily dose of prescription-only capsules showed less decline in heart function

Another Study Finds Mediterranean Diet May Cut Heart Risks

03/04/2015 - People who followed it closely were 47 percent less likely to develop disease

Decrease in Air Pollution Tied to Healthier Lungs in Children

03/04/2015 - Long-term Los Angeles-area study finds kids' lungs develop better with less smog

Drug May Help Some Breast Cancer Patients Avoid Early Menopause

03/04/2015 - Standard chemo can end fertility, but adding goserelin helped some survivors go on to conceive, study found

Fit Body at 40 May Keep Brain Bright at 60

03/04/2015 - Tests show higher midlife fitness levels tied to greater brain volume, function decades later

1 in 3 Americans Lives an Hour or More From a Stroke Center

03/04/2015 - Least access found in southeastern U.S., researchers say

Opdivo Approval Expanded to Include Lung Cancer

03/04/2015 - The leading cause of cancer death in the U.S.

Medical Bills Another Burden for Eczema Patients: Study

03/04/2015 - U.S. adults with the skin condition spent over $29 billion in out-of-pocket health costs in 2012

14 Percent of Toddlers May Be Drinking Coffee

03/04/2015 - Boston survey also found that 2.5 percent of 1-year-olds get a java jolt

Health Highlights: March 4, 2015

03/04/2015 -

Many Transplant Surgeons Suffer Burnout

03/04/2015 - Low sense of accomplishment, emotional exhaustion cited in survey

Obamacare and the Supreme Court: What's at Stake

03/04/2015 - Millions of consumers could lose health insurance subsidies in dispute over language in the law

Heroin Overdose Deaths Quadrupled Since 2000

03/04/2015 - Lethal poisonings from prescription painkillers down slightly, U.S. report says

Health Tip: Getting Rid of Head Lice

03/04/2015 - Use a special shampoo

Health Tip: Conquering Exercise Saboteurs

03/04/2015 - Don't use stress as an excuse

15 Ways To Get Better Medicine

People who are actively involved in their medical care stay healthier, recover quicker when they're ill, and live longer, healthier lives.