Male Reproductive System in the News

Bacteria May Help Battle Cancer, Study Suggests

01/31/2015 - Weakened germ injected into tumor killed malignant cells, researchers report

Winter Is the Season of Nosebleeds

01/31/2015 - Expert offers tips for prevention and treatment

Lead Exposure May Be Bigger Threat to Boys Than Girls

01/30/2015 - Hormones may offer young females some protection from toxic effects, study says

Early Exposure to English May Help Spanish-Speaking Kids in School

01/30/2015 - Hearing it at home can bolster success in classroom, researcher says

Some With Kidney Stones Might Have Calcium Buildup in Blood Vessels: Study

01/30/2015 - These patients might need closer monitoring for further signs of pending heart trouble, researcher says

Obama to Announce Major Personalized Medicine Initiative

01/30/2015 - He will ask Congress for $215 million to compile genetic data of 1 million Americans for scientific study

Breast Reconstruction Complications Similar for Older, Younger Women

01/30/2015 - But risk of blood clots higher with use of seniors' own tissue instead of implants

Researchers Learning More About Deadly Pancreatic Cancer

01/30/2015 - FDA hopes targeted drug research will lead to 'big break'

Girls Outperform Boys Academically Around the Globe, Study Says

01/30/2015 - Even in countries with gender inequality, female students often have better grades

Flame Retardants May Raise Risk of Preterm Births, Study Finds

01/30/2015 - Women with higher blood levels of common chemicals were more likely to deliver early

Colon Cancer Rates Rising Among Americans Under 50

01/30/2015 - Still, only 10 percent of cases occur in younger group, study finds

Health Highlights: Jan. 29, 2015

01/30/2015 -

More Measles Cases Seen in January Than in Typical Year: CDC

01/30/2015 - Spread driven largely by outbreak that started at Disney theme parks in California in December

Tamiflu Cuts 1 Day Off Average Flu Bout, Study Finds

01/30/2015 - Researchers reviewed collected data on the influenza medication

Teens, Young Adults Most Likely to Go to ER After Car Accidents: Report

01/30/2015 - Race also played a role, with blacks more likely to visit ER after crashes than whites, Hispanics

More Evidence That Boxing Can Lead to Brain Damage

01/30/2015 - Repeated blows to head tied to changes seen on MRIs, lower test scores, study finds

Health Tip: Prepare Your Child for College

01/30/2015 - Address any health issues

Health Tip: Drink Responsibly

01/30/2015 - Suggestions to prevent alcohol abuse

Early Birds May Catch the Worm, but Night Owls May Snatch the Win

01/29/2015 - Athletes who are late risers perform better in the evening, study suggests

Too Much Alcohol at Midlife Raises Stroke Risk, Study Finds

01/29/2015 - The danger zone: more than 2 drinks daily