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Health Highlights: Nov. 23, 2014

11/23/2014 -

Holidays Can Be Sensory Overload for Kids With Autism

11/23/2014 - Expert offers tips for parents on how to help children stay calm during hustle and bustle of the season

'Tis the Season of Challenges for Those With Food Allergies

11/22/2014 - Expert gives tips on avoiding problems

Close Friends May Be Key to Teens' Drinking

11/21/2014 - Larger peer group is less important when it comes to drinking or not, study says

Treating Irregular Heartbeat With Digoxin May Come With Risks

11/21/2014 - Study finds higher odds for death, hospitalization for patients with atrial fibrillation

Restroom Hand Dryers Spread More Germs Than Paper Towels, Study Finds

11/21/2014 - Bacteria counts in the air around the machines far exceeded those around paper dispensers

Being the Boss Tied to Depression Risk for Women, But Not Men

11/21/2014 - Women in powerful positions may be judged harshly, researcher says

Sickle Cell Anemia Treatment So Successful in Kids That Trial Is Halted

11/21/2014 - Hydroxyurea pills worked as well as transfusions in reducing stroke risk, researchers report

Special Ambulance Delivers Vital Stroke Care More Quickly

11/21/2014 - Patients were six times more likely to get clot-busting drug within 'golden' hour of first symptoms in German study

Ick! Tapeworm Infecting Man's Brain Yields Genetic Secrets

11/21/2014 - Parasite was causing seizures, headaches in 50-year-old, researchers say

Hookahs Deliver Toxic Benzene in Every Puff, Study Shows

11/21/2014 - Even nonsmoking bystanders had raised blood levels of the chemical, which is tied to leukemia risk

Senior-to-Senior Aggression Common in U.S. Nursing Homes

11/21/2014 - Up to one in five residents involved in unpleasant, sometimes inappropriate confrontations, N.Y. study suggests

Flu Season Off to a Slow Start ... for Now

11/21/2014 - Get vaccinated, health experts say, because it takes about two weeks for protection to kick in

Health Tip: Check Stress at the Office

11/21/2014 - Keep smiling at the job

Health Tip: Beware of Bathroom Chemicals

11/21/2014 - Turn on bathroom fan while in use

Study Supports Giving Kidney Donors Priority When <i>They</i> Need a Kidney

11/20/2014 - Most former donors got a needed organ relatively quickly, researchers say

FDA Approves 'Abuse-Resistant' Narcotic Painkiller

11/20/2014 - Agency says it's latest step in curbing epidemic of addiction to drugs such as Oxycontin, Vicodin

MRI Can Be Painful, Disruptive for People With Cochlear Implants

11/20/2014 - Study finds some patients had to discontinue the scan, or the hearing device was impaired by magnetic field

Abuse-Resistant Prescription Painkiller Approved

11/20/2014 - Hysingla ER is only for chronic pain, and is formulated to resist crushing, dissolving

U.S. Proposes Greater Public Access to Data From Clinical Trials

11/20/2014 - New rules would require even failed trials to publish summary of results