Prostate Cancer Questions

10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor about...

Prostate Cancer Questions: 10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor

  1. How is prostate cancer treated? Can this cancer be cured?

  2. Will my prostate cancer spread to other areas?

  3. Will I need surgery?

  4. Will I need radiation therapy, hormone therapy, or chemotherapy? If so, where do I go and who will perform the treatment?

  5. What kinds of medications will I need to take?

  6. Will having prostate cancer affect my ability to be intimate with my partner?

  7. How do I manage urinary problems or erectile dysfunction related to my prostate cancer?

  8. What kinds of follow-up care will I need after treatment?

  9. What kinds lifestyle changes should I make because of my prostate cancer?

  10. Where can I go to find further information and to find emotional support?

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