Poisoning and Environmental Health in the News

MERS Virus Doesn't Seem to Spread Easily, Study Finds

08/27/2014 - 5 percent chance of getting it, while experts cite a 25 percent chance of catching flu

Polyp Removal Doesn't Always Signal Raised Colon Cancer Risk, Study Says

08/27/2014 - Findings suggest doctors may repeat colonoscopies unnecessarily

Light Therapy a Good Option for Pre-Cancerous Skin Lesions, Study Says

08/27/2014 - But it's more painful, time consuming than common treatment, dermatologist notes

'Half a Glass' Rule May Curb Overdrinking

08/27/2014 - Pouring less wine each time lowers chances of intoxication, researchers suggest

Scientists 'Rewrite' Bad Memories in Mice

08/27/2014 - Manipulation of brain cells can switch negative emotions to positive ones, researchers say

Overconfident Folks May Blind Others to Their Real Abilities

08/27/2014 - This self-deception can lead to risk taking, and problems for institutions that promote such people, study suggests

Study: Young Adults Who Had Depression Have 'Hyper-Connected' Brain Networks

08/27/2014 - Finding might help predict, prevent and treat the disorder, researchers say

Do Antidepressants in Pregnancy Raise Risks for Mental Woes in Kids?

08/27/2014 - New study discounts pills' link to autism, but suggests ties to ADHD

Sleep Apnea Treatment Helps Seniors, Study Finds

08/27/2014 - British researchers report it improved slumber, lowered daytime sleepiness

Everest Study Finds High Altitude Affects Blood Pressure

08/27/2014 - Researchers also report blood-pressure drug works well at sea level but not at great heights

Scientists Spot Genetic Clues to Crohn's Disease

08/27/2014 - Finding suggests genes, environment both play a part in development of the bowel disorder

Health Highlights: Aug. 26, 2014

08/27/2014 -

Health Tip: Preparing for the First Day of School

08/27/2014 - Reinforce the positives

Health Tip: Do You Talk in Your Sleep?

08/27/2014 - You may not be getting enough rest

Heart Studies Don't Reflect Real-World Patients, Study Finds

08/26/2014 - Participants are healthier, possibly skewing results

Hormone Might Help Preemies' Brains

08/26/2014 - But one expert says more evidence on EPO is needed

2 Cases Suggest Stem Cell Transplant Might Ease 'Stiff Person' Syndrome

08/26/2014 - Rare condition causes 'tin soldier' gait, uncontrolled muscle spasms, researchers say

'Sleep Drunkenness' Is Common and Linked to Other Behavior Issues

08/26/2014 - But condition remains poorly defined and little understood, researcher says

Lack of Protective Gear Leaves Medics at Risk in Ebola Outbreak: Study

08/26/2014 - Researchers report shortages of gloves, masks existed in Liberia, Sierra Leone years before latest epidemic

Ban Indoor Use of E-Cigarettes, U.N. Health Agency Says

08/26/2014 - Recommendation comes a day after similar calls for regulation by American Heart Association