Public Health Quiz

By Sinovic, Dianna

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The American Public Health Association (APHA) focuses on aspects of health care that affect all of us. Among the important issues are health disparities that exist among racial ethnic and gender groups. Learn more about some of these disparities by taking this quiz, based on statistics from the APHA.

1. Compared with the white population in this country:
2. Because of disparities in diseases, the premature death rate of minorities is how much higher than that of the non-minority population?
3. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States, causing more than 500,000 deaths each year. Which is an example of how cancer rates vary depending on race and ethnicity?
4. Where does the cancer death rate for American Indians fall, compared with that for whites?
5. Which of the following is a potential reason for the disparities in cancer death rates among women?
6. Cardiovascular diseases cause more deaths than any other disease in United States. The incidence of heart disease also varies by race, ethnicity and gender. How many men under age 40 will eventually develop heart disease?
7. Which of these is a potential reason for the disparity in heart disease incidence and death rates?
8. The U.S. rate of infant mortality is higher than that for 27 other nations. Which racial or ethnic group in this country has the highest incidence of infant mortality?
9. Which of these is a potential reason for the disparity in infant mortality rates?
10. Disparities also exist by gender. How much more do women spend out-of-pocket for health care than men?
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