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Flu's Grip on U.S. Starting to Weaken: CDC

01/29/2015 - Some areas are starting to see a decline in infections, official says

Acne Gel Linked to Rare Side Effect, Doctors Warn

01/29/2015 - Teen developed blood disorder after using Aczone for a week

Good Sleep Habits, Enforced Rules Help Kids Sleep: Study

01/29/2015 - Regular bedtime, plus limits on caffeine and electronics in the bedroom, all key

Following Blood Pressure Guidelines Saves Lives, Dollars: Study

01/29/2015 - Investing in treatment strategies would yield both health and economic benefits, researcher says

Arizona Officials Say Nearly 1,000 People May Have Been Exposed to Measles

01/29/2015 - Latest infection tally on outbreak that originated in California now stands at 95

Little Improvement in Children Paralyzed After Viral Infection, Study Finds

01/29/2015 - Cluster of Colorado cases may be tied to 2014 outbreak of enterovirus D68, experts say

Diabetes Patients Lax With Meds If Diagnosed With Cancer, Study Finds

01/29/2015 - Effect was more pronounced if cancer had a grim prognosis

Nearly 1 in 10 Adults Skips Meds Due to Cost, CDC Says

01/29/2015 - Not taking medications as prescribed can have serious health consequences, experts note

Binge-Watching TV May Be Sign of Depression, Loneliness

01/29/2015 - Researchers say hours and hours of viewing often isn't just harmless fun

Eye Tracking May Help to Spot Concussions Quickly

01/29/2015 - Simple technique offers possible way to assess brain injury severity, study says

Liberals, Independents Win Life Span Sweepstakes, Study Claims

01/29/2015 - But researchers can't pinpoint why they outlived Republicans, Democrats over 30 years

Health Tip: Handling Your Child's Fears About Weight

01/29/2015 - Suggestions for how to respond

Health Tip: Using Sunscreen

01/29/2015 - For some, it's more of a necessity

Have Insurers Found Way Around Obamacare 'Pre-Existing Conditions' Rule?

01/28/2015 - Analysis suggests hiking drug co-pays may help eliminate people with certain illnesses

Do Pregnant Women Need High Blood Pressure Treatment?

01/28/2015 - Controlling blood pressure doesn't seem to affect baby, but may prevent problems for mom

Ebola Vaccine Appears Safe, Triggers Immune Response, U.K. Study Finds

01/28/2015 - Early trial findings echo those from a smaller U.S. study

Study Suggests Early Start to Football May Pose Brain Risks

01/28/2015 - Former pros who played before age of 11 showed greater deficits in memory and thinking skills

Study Underscores Power of Placebo Effect

01/28/2015 - Parkinson's patients given fake drugs fared better on 'more expensive' medication

U.S. Measles Outbreak Now Numbers 87 Cases

01/28/2015 - Officials say most patients hadn't been vaccinated against the disease

Some Kids With Autism Show Improvement by Age 6: Study

01/28/2015 - 20 percent experienced gains in daily functioning, 11 percent had less severe symptoms, researchers say

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