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Health Tip: Binge Eating Can Harm Health

08/04/2015 - Here are potential complications

Health Tip: Know Your Risk for Deep Vein Thrombosis

08/04/2015 - Age and activity may be factors

Online Anti-Drinking Aids May Not Help Over Long Term

08/03/2015 - Beefing up electronic programs with human help might make them more effective, expert says

Septic Tanks May Allow Fecal Matter Into Lakes, Rivers

08/03/2015 - Experts had assumed that soil would help to filter human waste

Combo Rx May Boost Ovarian Cancer Outcomes, But Too Few Get It: Study

08/03/2015 - Therapy involves dosing chemo directly into the abdomen, researchers explain

To Sway Anti-Vaccine Beliefs, Focus on Consequences: Study

08/03/2015 - When parents learn about the harms of measles, mumps and rubella, many change their stance

Your Office Temperature Settings May Have a Gender Bias

08/03/2015 - Middle-aged man is target of heating, cooling standards, researchers say

Women and Blacks Fare Worse After Heart Attacks: Study

08/03/2015 - Disparities in care may be one reason for the differences, researchers say

Vitamin D Supplements Won't Strengthen Older Women's Bones: Study

08/03/2015 - No increases seen in bone density, muscle mass or mobility, no matter the dose

Liquid Nicotine From E-Cigs Poses Poison Danger to Kids

08/03/2015 - Even small amounts of the chemical can cause serious illness, expert says

Dementia Meds May Lead to Harmful Weight Loss: Study

08/03/2015 - Patients can lose 10 pounds or more, researchers find

Urine Test Might Find Pancreatic Cancer Early, Study Suggests

08/03/2015 - But expert says whether it will improve outcomes not proven yet

FDA Approves New Rosacea Treatment

08/03/2015 - When applied to skin, foam helps heal pimples, bumps of common skin condition

Head Injury Tied to Long-Term Attention Issues in Kids

08/03/2015 - Study says brief lapses in attention can persist, even if brain injury is mild

Severe 'Picky Eating' May Point to Mental Health Issues in Kids

08/03/2015 - 1 in 5 young children has limited palate, study finds

Health Highlights: Aug 3, 2015

08/03/2015 -

Health Tip: Avoid Canker Sore Pain

08/03/2015 - Watch what you eat and drink

Health Tip: Plan to Eat Healthier

08/03/2015 - Avoid sugary drinks and unnecessary carbs

Obese Kids a Universal Target for Bullies

08/02/2015 - Survey finds parents favor stronger policies, laws to address weight-based abuse

Health Highlights: Aug 2, 2015

08/02/2015 -

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