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Simpler Antibiotic Regimen Helps Sick Babies in Developing Nations

04/01/2015 - Study findings suggest hospitalization isn't needed

Early Tests of Experimental Ebola Vaccine Show Promise

04/01/2015 - Immune response seen in all study volunteers, side effects were manageable

Newer Test for Down Syndrome Called 'Major Advance'

04/01/2015 - But it won't eliminate need for invasive diagnostics such as amniocentesis, doctors say

Man's Iced Tea Habit May Have Swamped His Kidneys

04/01/2015 - He drank 16 glasses a day, which probably contributed to health issues, report suggests

Study Supports Use of Laparoscopic Surgery for Rectal Cancer

04/01/2015 - Less-invasive procedure had survival rates similar to open surgery, with less pain and shorter hospital stays

All That Googling May Make People Feel Smarter Than They Are

04/01/2015 - In study, Internet searches seemed to boost users' sense of their own knowledge base

Night Owls Run Higher Risk of Health Problems, Study Finds

04/01/2015 - Even with the same amount of sleep as early risers, they were more prone to diabetes, muscle loss

More Americans Survive Childhood Cancers, But Health Problems Persist

04/01/2015 - Malignancies and treatments can take toll on quality of life in adulthood, study finds

Serving in Iraq, Afghanistan Not Behind Rising Suicide Rates in Military: Study

04/01/2015 - Instead, difficulty with returning to civilian life appears to increase risk, experts say

'Exploding Head Syndrome' Surprisingly Common Among Young People

04/01/2015 - Complaint -- awakening due to loud, nonexistent noises -- was previously associated with old age

Head Injuries May Prematurely Age the Brain, Study Suggests

04/01/2015 - Researchers hope computer model could predict early problems from injuries

Health Highlights: April 1, 2015

04/01/2015 -

One-Quarter of Narcotic Painkillers Misused, Study Shows

04/01/2015 - And about 10 percent of patients with prescriptions for these powerful drugs become addicted

Exercise Beneficial Even in Polluted Air: Study

04/01/2015 - Negative effects from pollution don't negate health gains from workouts, researchers say

Study Casts Doubt on Acetaminophen for Low Back Pain, Arthritis

04/01/2015 - Review of 13 trials finds little effect for drug best recognized as Tylenol

Health Tip: Cook Healthier With a Slow Cooker

04/01/2015 - Suggestions for crock pot use

Health Tip: Heading to the Beach?

04/01/2015 - Brush up on swimming safety

Steer Clear of Raw Milk, Researchers Warn

03/31/2015 - Risk of foodborne illness is much greater without pasteurization

Heart Groups Issue Updated Blood Pressure Guidelines

03/31/2015 - Aim is more flexibility for those with heart disease, doctors say

Benefits of Iron Supplements Unclear for Pregnant Women, Young Children

03/31/2015 - Task force concludes there's too little information to recommend screening for deficiencies

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