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Ebola Nurse Amber Vinson Now 'Free' of Virus, Family Says

10/22/2014 - She was one of two nurses who became infected after treating Thomas Eric Duncan in Dallas

U.S. Ranks Last Among Wealthy Nations in Access to Health Care

10/22/2014 - Survey conducted prior to implementation of Affordable Care Act, however

Americans Show Distrust of Medical Profession in Survey

10/22/2014 - But many were happy with their own doctors, researchers report

Weight-Loss Surgery May Raise Risk of Severe Headaches, Scientists Report

10/22/2014 - But experts find the study too small, problem too rare to be of concern

Seniors Should Remove Dentures at Bedtime

10/22/2014 - Study says sleeping with false teeth may raise risk of pneumonia

Study Finds U.S. Diets Still Contain Too Many Bad Fats

10/22/2014 - Americans need fewer trans and saturated fats, and more omega-3 fatty acids

Taking a 'Selfie' May Help With Dermatology Care, Study Shows

10/22/2014 - Emailing pics of eczema lesions to physicians worked nearly as well as in-person visits, researchers say

Fertility Treatments Aren't Significantly Linked to Birth Defects

10/22/2014 - Expectant parents can be reassured by findings, researchers say

Controversial Chemical May Leach Into Skin From Cash Receipts

10/22/2014 - Skin care products may also boost absorption of BPA, study finds

Many Americans in Debt, Bankruptcy Paying for Cancer Care

10/22/2014 - Others cut back on food, medicines trying to cover costs, studies found

Sleep Apnea Gear Doesn't Squelch Sex Life, Study Says

10/22/2014 - Patients who get treatment are as satisfied with lovemaking as those who don't

Hospital Study Offers Solutions to 'Alarm Fatigue'

10/22/2014 - 2.5 million beeps, bleeps sounded in one month at one U.S. medical center

CDC: All U.S. Residents Returning From Ebola-Stricken Countries to Be Tracked

10/22/2014 - Travelers will have to take own temperatures, report to local health departments for 21-day incubation period

Discussing Ebola: Children Feel Safe, Calm When Adults Do, Too

10/22/2014 - Be prepared with appropriate answers for the inevitable questions, experts say

Recalled Supplements Linger on U.S. Store Shelves, Study Finds

10/22/2014 - Researchers say many products with banned substances for sale six months later

Depression After Heart Attack May Be More Common for Women

10/22/2014 - Researcher believes issue has been 'largely unnoticed'

Mutations Linked to Blood Cancers Rise With Age, Study Shows

10/22/2014 - Still, these diseases occur in less than 0.1 percent of elderly Americans, researchers say

Y Chromosome Loss May Predict Earlier Death for Men

10/22/2014 - Risk of cancer appears to rise with depletion, study finds

Where Ebola Battles Are Won

10/22/2014 - Four special U.S. medical centers are first-line treatment choices, but many local hospitals up to the challenge, experts say

Health Highlights: Oct. 22, 2014

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