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Obese Kids a Universal Target for Bullies

08/02/2015 - Survey finds parents favor stronger policies, laws to address weight-based abuse

Health Highlights: Aug 2, 2015

08/02/2015 -

Health Highlights: Aug 1, 2015

08/01/2015 -

Add Asthma, Allergy Plans to Your Back-to-School List

08/01/2015 - From students to teachers to school nurses, everyone needs to be on the same page to prevent problems

Many Older Americans Feel Prepared for Aging

07/31/2015 - But are concerned about physical, mental challenges, survey finds

Kids' Hemophilia Drugs a Big Part of State Medicaid Spending

07/31/2015 - California-based study finds drugs for the blood disorder take up large share of budget

Experimental Treatment Uses Nitric Oxide for Acne

07/31/2015 - Researchers test slow-release nanoparticles on frustrating skin condition

Mountain Biker Survives After Neck Impaled by Tree Branch

07/31/2015 - He traveled 20 miles to hospital with object in place, doctors say injury missed major blood vessels and airway

More Progress Needed To Get Stroke Patients Rapid Care

07/31/2015 - Study finds transport time to specialized center was sometimes longer than two hours

Noninvasive Stimulation Gets Legs Moving After Spinal Cord Injury

07/31/2015 - Device compares favorably to surgically implanted option, researchers say

Too Much Facebook, Twitter Tied to Poor Mental Health in Teens

07/31/2015 - Study found those on social media sites more than 2 hours a day were more likely to have problems

Regular, Moderate Coffee Drinking Tied to Better Brain Health in Seniors

07/31/2015 - But those who upped daily intake actually had higher odds for a precursor to dementia, researchers say

Mineral Supplement: Wild Chimps May Eat Clay for Health

07/31/2015 - Biologists say the animals may be boosting minerals in diet or 'detoxing'

Do Sporty Teen Girls Live Longer, Healthier Lives?

07/31/2015 - Exercise from 13 to 19 cut odds for early death from cancer and all causes, researchers say

Stay Safe When Temperatures Rise

07/31/2015 - Expert offers tips on avoiding heat-related illness

Effective Ebola Vaccine May Be Here: Health Officials

07/31/2015 - Initial trials in Guinea show 100 percent effectiveness, larger trials are planned, WHO says

Smog Threatens Visitors to U.S. National Parks: Report

07/31/2015 - Investigators found unhealthy ozone levels, haze plague many natural sanctuaries

Health Highlights: July 31, 2015

07/31/2015 -

Stand, Don't Sit, to Get Healthier, Researchers Say

07/31/2015 - Even if you exercise, sitting for long periods linked to higher blood sugar, cholesterol levels

Health Tip: Easing Neck Pain at Night

07/31/2015 - Change pillows

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