Coping With Migraines

Know Your Migraine Triggers

Migraines aren't like regular headaches. One of their symptoms is a premonition that they're coming, signaled sometimes by mood changes, food cravings, and fatigue, and other times by visual disturbances like flashing lights. Learn the most common triggers ›

Understanding Migraines

You know all about how a migraine feels, but how much do you know about what brings it on? Migraines are complex, and our medical knowledge about them is still incomplete. Here's everything we know

How Well are You Coping With Migraine Pain?

See if there are changes you can make to your migraine pain management plan

7 Signs You Should Call the Doctor

Even if you're no stranger to bad headaches, certain changes should be evaluated by a medical professional. Headaches accompanied by symptoms such as fever or neck stiffness need to be examined right away. Learn the signs

Before Migraines Start

teacher, writing, drawing, therapy

Some people who suffer from migraines are good candidates for preventive medication. Luckily, there are plenty of options. Find out more ›

Migraine Management

When migraine pain hits, it's tempting to try just about anything to make it stop. But some home remedies can be dangerous. Get the facts ›

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