10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Migraines

10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor about...


  1. What causes migraines? Can they be cured?

  2. How do migraines differ from other headaches?

  3. How do I identify environmental, dietary, and other factors that trigger my migraines?

  4. What are the stages of a migraine? Does everyone have these stages?

  5. What medications treat migraines? How do they work?

  6. Do migraine medications have harmful effects that I should be concerned about?

  7. What can I do to relieve my symptoms during a migraine?

  8. What should I do if my pain isn’t relieved by treatment?

  9. What can I do to help prevent migraines?

  10. Does having migraines increase my risk for other health problems such as stroke or heart disease?

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Reference: Migraine & Headaches section on Better Medicine