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Treat Depression, Beat ED

Erectile dysfunction (ED) and depression are often unfortunate bedfellows. Sexual problems are a common symptom of depression. They’re also a frequent side effect of treatment with antidepressant drugs. Learn more about ways to beat depression ›

How Your Mind Can Cause ED

Psychological factors are the root cause of erectile dysfunction in about 10% to 20% of cases. In such circumstances, a patient is said to have psychogenic erectile dysfunction. Stress, relationship problems, or psychological illnesses can impair the signals from the brain that initiate the chain of biological events needed for an erection. Often, the fundamental problem is anxiety or depression. One study found that erectile dysfunction is nearly twice as common among depressed men as it is among those who aren't depressed. Other causes include stress, guilt, low self-esteem, and fear of sexual failure.

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Using Oral Medications to Treat ED

Prescription oral medications are often very successful in treating ED. But men with certain health problems or who are taking certain other medications should not use them. And all medications may cause side effects. Talk with your doctor about whether oral ED medication is right for you, and the risks and benefits of the medication.

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Many antidepressants can cause ED as a side effect.