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Infants With Eczema May Be More Prone to Peanut Allergy: Study

11/25/2014 - If damaged skin exposed to peanut proteins in household dust, chances of allergy higher, researcher says

Could Popular Heartburn Drugs Upset Your 'Good' Gut Bugs?

11/25/2014 - Study suggests class of meds upset healthy balance of bacteria in the gut

ER Visits on the Rise, Study Reports

11/25/2014 - About 96 percent of patients need medical care within two hours

Teens Given Anxiety, Sleep Meds May Be at Risk for Drug Abuse

11/25/2014 - Study finds illicit drug use more likely after their prescribed medications run out

Early Puberty Linked to Increased Risk of Depression in Teens

11/25/2014 - Researchers find odds raised in both boys and girls developing sooner than peers

Daily Physical Activity May Help Lower Parkinson's Risk

11/25/2014 - Six hours a week of household chores or commuting seem protective, study finds

Study Uncovers Vultures' Gastronomical Secrets

11/25/2014 - Birds' guts have evolved, allowing them to consume dangerous bacteria, experts say

Calorie Counts Mandated at Chain Restaurants, FDA Says

11/25/2014 - Rules also apply to theater popcorn, bakeries and ice cream parlors

Yogurt Every Day May Help Keep Diabetes Away

11/25/2014 - Study found modest effect against the disease, but experts say overall healthy diet is still best approach

Brain Abnormality Spotted in Many SIDS Babies

11/25/2014 - But finding is too preliminary to say it causes the deadly condition, experts say

New Device May Make Mammograms More Comfortable

11/25/2014 - Less pain was reported in study, while image quality was still preserved, researcher says

Health Highlights: Nov. 25, 2014

11/25/2014 -

Health Tip: What's Behind Allergic Pinkeye?

11/25/2014 - Frequent causes of allergic conjunctivitis

Obese Employees Miss More Work, Study Finds

11/24/2014 - Additional missed days cost U.S. economy more than $8 billion a year, researchers report

Most Seniors Could Use Statins Under New Guidelines

11/24/2014 - Many eligible for cholesterol-lowering drugs based on age alone, study finds

More Advanced Emergency Care May Be Worse for Cardiac Arrest Victims: Study

11/24/2014 - Good CPR, getting to hospital fast resulted in better outcomes than using sophisticated methods

Kids' Bag Lunches Not Meeting Nutrition Guidelines: Study

11/24/2014 - Second study found that providing classroom breakfast didn't improve grades, though longer-term studies are needed

Childhood Obesity Brings Host of Health Problems, Researchers Report

11/24/2014 - High blood pressure, liver problems and heart disease risk upped in heavy kids

Young Guys in Large Vehicles Most Likely to Survive Crash

11/24/2014 - Study found that in head-on collisions, lowest death rate was seen among those aged 15-24

Adult-Sized ATVs Deadly for Kids, Report Shows

11/24/2014 - Study highlights risks associated with all-terrain vehicles