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Can You Balance on One Leg? You May Have Lower Stroke Risk

12/18/2014 - Inability to stand on one foot for 20-plus seconds could suggest brain vessel damage, study contends

Most States Not Ready to Handle Infectious Disease Outbreaks: Report

12/18/2014 - Ebola, mumps, other illnesses suggest public health systems need strengthening, researchers say

Arriving Now at Gate 42: Measles

12/18/2014 - CDC report of transmission in U.S. air terminal shows how easily the virus can spread

Many Flu Infections Aren't Good Match for Vaccine: CDC

12/18/2014 - But health officials still urge people to get inoculated because the shot should offer some protection

Scratch From Pet Rat Kills Child; CDC Warns of Risk

12/18/2014 - 'Rat-bite fever' also sickened 16 others in 2000-2012 in San Diego County alone, report noted

Severe Hot Flashes During Menopause May Raise Hip Fracture Risk Later: Study

12/18/2014 - Researchers suspect that more marked hormonal changes may explain possible connection

Being Fit Keeps Blood Pressure in Check

12/18/2014 - Those in poorest shape were more likely to have high blood pressure, study found

Xtoro Approved for Swimmer's Ear

12/18/2014 - Infection's symptoms include pain, swelling and redness

Common Painkillers May Help Prevent Certain Skin Cancers, Study Finds

12/18/2014 - But medications such as ibuprofen pose their own risks, experts say

'Homing Signal' in Brain Helps Humans Navigate, Research Shows

12/18/2014 - Finding may explain why some people are less likely to get lost than others

Frail Elderly Might Benefit From High-Dose Flu Shot

12/18/2014 - Ramped-up vaccine elicits greater immune response, study finds

Many People Misuse Devices for Asthma, Allergic Reaction

12/18/2014 - Memory of correct way to use inhalers, epinephrine pens faded over time, researchers report

Sensitive Parenting May Boost Kids' Social Skills, School Performance

12/18/2014 - Researchers found the positive effect lingered into adulthood

Health Highlights: Dec. 18, 2014

12/18/2014 -

Smog Exposure During Pregnancy Linked to Autism Risk

12/18/2014 - Expert notes, however, that potential threat is small

Global Life Expectancy Continues to Climb

12/18/2014 - Women have slightly greater gains than men, study finds

Health Tip: Tossing Leftover Food

12/18/2014 - A timeline of when food tends to go bad

Health Tip: Eating Disorder Can Hurt Your Child

12/18/2014 - Here are possible health consequences

Cheap Natural Compound May Help Smokers Quit

12/17/2014 - But cytisine isn't widely available, study authors note

Neurologists Say Jury Still Out on Medical Marijuana's Use for Brain Disorders

12/17/2014 - Easing federal restrictions on pot research might help get answers, doctors say