Interstitial Cystitis in the News

Botox Eases Overactive Bladder, 2 Studies Find

05/15/2015 - Skin smoother brought relief for majority -- but not all -- of patients who got injections for urinary incontinence

Urine Isn't Free of Bacteria

04/03/2015 - New study links bacteria found in urine in bladder to urinary incontinence

Overactive Bladder a Common Problem, FDA Says

01/19/2015 - But many people are too embarrassed to seek treatment, or don't know options exist

Childhood Urinary Tract Infection May Bring Lasting Harm to Kidneys

08/05/2014 - But researchers report that 3 factors spot risk as well as painful catheter/X-ray does

E. Coli 'Superbug' May Pose Major Health Threat: Study

12/17/2013 - Drug-resistant H30-Rx strain can lead to blood infection, researchers say

Urine Tests Don't Always Confirm Urinary Infections, Study Finds

11/13/2013 - Doctors can rely on symptoms to start treatment, experts say

Urinary Tract Infection Often Puts Older Men in Hospital

10/18/2013 - Pinpointing high-risk patients could improve treatment, save health care dollars, researchers say

Signs of Potential Trouble for Nursing Home Residents

07/16/2013 - Multiple hospitalizations for dehydration, certain infections raise risk of death, study finds

Can You Skip Antibiotics for Urinary Tract Infection?

06/04/2013 - In small study, UTI symptoms cleared on their own for most women, but an expert urges caution

Could Adaptable Bacteria Cause Repeat Urinary Tract Infections?

05/08/2013 - Study of 4 women found E. coli that 'migrated' and thrived

Costs of ER Visits Vary in U.S., Study Finds

02/27/2013 - Urinary tract infections, kidney stones most expensive among top 10 outpatient conditions

How Long Should Men's Urinary Infections Be Treated?

12/05/2012 - Extended course of antibiotics doesn't reduce repeat infections, study finds

Botox Injections: Option for Urge Incontinence?

10/04/2012 - The drug worked as well as standard pills in head-to-head study, but is not fully approved for that use

Burnt-Out Nurses Linked to More Hospital Infections

07/31/2012 - Reducing job-related emotional exhaustion among nurses could benefit patients, cut costs, study says

More Proof Cranberry Juice Thwarts Infection

07/09/2012 - Popular folk remedy holds up in analysis of 13 previous studies on urinary tract infections

'Sling' Implant May Cut Risk of Incontinence After Prolapse Surgery

06/20/2012 - But experts caution that second procedure carries its own risks

Study Ties Secondhand Smoke to Bladder Irritation in Kids

05/21/2012 - Children aged 4 to 10 were at particular risk from exposure

Germs Behind Urinary Tract Infections Becoming More Resistant to Drugs

05/04/2012 - Common antibiotics are not as effective as they used to be, researchers warn

Smelly Urine a Red Flag for Kids' UTI

04/02/2012 - Symptom should prompt doctors to test for urinary infection, study shows

E. Coli in Chicken Linked to Urinary Tract Infections

02/15/2012 - Study found genetic fingerprints of poultry bacteria matched those found in patients

Reference: Kidneys and the Urinary System section on Better Medicine

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