Ten Questions To Ask Your Doctor About Cholesterol

10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor about...


  1. Why is having high cholesterol dangerous for me?

  2. What do “LDL” and “HDL” mean?

  3. How is my cholesterol level tested?

  4. I don’t feel sick—why do I need to take medication?

  5. How does the medication work? Will I require medication for the rest of my life?

  6. What’s my cholesterol goal number? How often do I need to have my cholesterol checked?

  7. What foods should I eat less of? What foods should I eat more of?

  8. What are saturated fats and how do I avoid them?

  9. How much exercise do I need each week to help lower my cholesterol?

  10. Do I need to lose weight to help lower my cholesterol?

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Reference: Cholesterol section on Better Medicine