Personal Stories About Asthma

Stories that Inform, Comfort, and Empower

Asthma sufferers and caretakers are forced to face the challenges that accompany breathing problems every moment of every day. A few of those patients and healthcare providers confronting asthma head-on generously share their stories in their own words in the hope that others will benefit from their experiences and knowledge.

“When you let your breathlessness get the best of you, you fear any exertion, and the asthma controls your life.“

Stephen Gaudet, about how he learned to face apprehension about doing the things he loved doing.

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“It occurred to me that if we could geographically pinpoint where people were using their asthma inhalers, it would likely reveal new clues about the causes of asthma.”

David Van Sickle, a medical anthropologist and epidemiologist about developing technology to identify patients who need help before they suffer a severe asthma attack.

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“Kids tend to be more resilient and can wait until they are very, very tight before coming for care. Elderly may come for care sooner since they may have less reserve energy to last.”

Enoch Choi, a primary care physician and father of a child with asthma about getting care for asthma attacks.

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“We frequently treat children onsite and send them right back to class.”

Amy K. Schouten, R.N., about the Kunsberg School, a small school that cares for children with chronic illness that is 100 yards from National Jewish Health’s pediatric triage unit.

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