Personal Stories About Joint Replacement

Stories that Inform, Comfort, and Empower

The decision to have a joint replaced is not an easy one. A few patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers generously share their stories about knee and hip replacement surgery in their own words in the hope that others will benefit from their experience and knowledge.

“I have come across several patients whose enthusiasm for proceeding with the surgery gets washed over with feelings of discouragement when they learn the range of things that must be accomplished in time for the surgery."

Fabiana Torrico, RN, an orthopedic nurse about the advanced work patients need to do prior to knee replacement surgery.

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"My husband first thought he had pulled a muscle. After all, he takes care of repairs and maintenance around the house, as well as a lot of the yard work.”

Dianna Sinovic, about her husband’s symptoms prior to receiving a diagnosis that led to his decision for a hip replacement.

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“I typically tell my patients that they will not say “thank you” to me for two to three months after the procedure.”

Howard Luks, MD, an orthopedic surgeon about the expectations patients should have right after knee replacement surgery.

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“After a few minutes of climbing effort, I just had to stop and let the pain in my lower body subside. At that point I knew that joint replacement was something I needed to learn more about.”

Bruce Alemian, about making a decision to learn more about knee replacement after he just skied off a chair lift and began a short uphill traverse.

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“I was in there four, five hours a day, and I would’ve done more if they had let me.”

Jim Barrows, about being totally consumed by the physical therapy following his knee replacement surgery.

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“One reason it took so long between knees is because my doctor had a good reputation.”

Phil Bonasia clarifying the reason for the long interval between his surgeries because the surgeon he selected had a waiting list.

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