Rosacea in the News

Why Skin Wrinkles More Around the Eyes

07/17/2015 - Tissue from Japanese cadavers may provide new clues, researchers say

New Dumb-But-Deadly Trend: Sunburn 'Art'

07/16/2015 - Experts warn against the dangers of the increasingly popular practice

Could a Vitamin Play a Role in Acne Outbreaks?

06/24/2015 - Study finds excess B12 tied to common skin condition

Dermatologist's Tips for Reducing Scars After Cuts, Scrapes

06/15/2015 - Keep injury clean and moist with petroleum jelly to minimize skin damage

Many Skin Bacteria Are Dead or Inactive, Study Finds

06/03/2015 - Researchers suspect cells may be trying to evade immune system detection

FDA Warns of Complications From Facial Fillers

05/29/2015 - When injections accidentally enter blood vessels, blockages and damage can occur

Tattoos May Pose Health Risks, Researchers Report

05/28/2015 - Rashes, itching, infections and swelling found in 6 percent of those 'inked'

Do You Need a Doctor for Bug Bites and Bee Stings?

05/24/2015 - Most can be treated at home, but learn signs of emergency, expert advises

Does Botox Actually Rejuvenate Skin?

05/21/2015 - Elasticity, pliability improve after toxin injections, study finds

Most Americans Still Not Using Sunscreen

05/19/2015 - Women do so more than men, but still fall short of recommendations, CDC study finds

Vitamin Supplement Linked to Reduction in Skin Cancer Risk

05/13/2015 - Preliminary Australian study saw association between nicotinamide and lower rates

Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac Rashes Can Be Serious

04/23/2015 - But, expert says most can safely be treated at home

Athletes Need to Guard Against Skin Woes

03/24/2015 - From blisters to burns, what to watch out for

Many Acne Patients Don't Take Their Meds, Survey Shows

03/20/2015 - Cost, forgetfulness, skin improvement were reasons cited for lapses

Scientists Spot Genes Linked to Rosacea

03/13/2015 - More than 16 million Americans have incurable skin condition

Preventing Diaper Rash

12/31/2014 - Dermatologist shares tips for protecting your baby's skin

Fewer U.S. Teens in Tanning Salons, Study Finds

12/23/2014 - But, millions still putting their skin's health at risk

Having Eczema Won't Make You Shorter

12/10/2014 - Though a few kids who also have sleep trouble may grow slower, study says

Eczema Cases Rising Among U.S. Children: Report

11/24/2014 - For most, proper skin care and topical treatments help, experts say

Keep It Clean After Ear Piercings

10/11/2014 - Dermatologist offers tips on preventing infections

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