Cystic Fibrosis: A Brave Brother Has His Sister's Back

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I’m Brandt McCall. I’m 15. My sister, Morgan, has cystic fibrosis.

I’m sharing my story with Better Medicine because when someone is born with a disease, the whole family is affected, including brothers and sisters. I want them to know what it’s like to have a sister with CF.

About My Sister’s Early Symptoms

I was little when my sister was born, and I remember that she was sick. She was really small and it was really odd. As she got older, she kept throwing up more. I hated it.

Reflections, Tips, and Other Ideas

When I started going to school, she was still really young, and I used to worry about her and my mom when I was at school.

Later on, when Morgan started school, the other kids would ask me questions all the time, like “Why does your sister have pills with her?” or “What are your sister’s pills for?”

Sometimes kids ask questions because they really want to know, and sometimes I think they ask because they might just want to tease her. That’s why I tell them I don’t know the answers to their questions. I watch out for her as much as I can in school.

My sister is involved in gymnastics and dance, and I’m surprised she’s as flexible as she is and she can still do all this stuff with the feeding tube in. She’s still able to jump around and do backflips and everything else!

She’s the ball girl for the varsity baseball games, too. She runs up and down the sidelines just like she was on our team. It looks like she is having fun.

I still have a lot of questions for my mom and dad to answer. When Morgan is sleeping in the car, I’ll ask a question or two. They’ll give me the best answer possible, and I’m just starting to observe more and more about her.

Her having CF, it’s like starting to hit me now. Two years ago, in seventh grade in a communications class, we had to write a business letter. So I wrote my letter to the CF Foundation asking them to get her name posted on the website. It worked: I got a picture posted up on the website of her wearing her beauty pageant dress.

Our family likes to be involved with the CF Foundation. We like to do fundraisers and go to the walks and create teams to raise money. If there is somebody that needs help, I’ll give them some help. I believe I’ll stay involved with the foundation for a very long time.

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As told to Trisha Torrey by Brandt McCall, brother of 11-year-old Morgan, his sister who has cystic fibrosis.
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