Cystic Fibrosis: Family Gathers Strength for a Lifetime of Care

My Moving Encounter With the McCalls

By Trisha Torrey

When it comes to helping others deal with chronic diseases, few families offer as much of themselves as the McCall family. Daughter Morgan was born with cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease that can appear when both parents carry the trait, but that is almost always a surprise when it appears in their child. Over the years, the McCalls have transitioned from the initial shock and learning how to cope to becoming a model for other families. Today they use Morgan’s disease as a springboard for their tireless hours of volunteering to teach and fundraise for other families who must cope with a child’s cystic fibrosis.

At age 11, Morgan is a remarkable young lady, and a great deal of the credit for that goes to her parents. They have never put limits on her, have never suggested that she couldn’t or shouldn’t do something she wanted to try. As a result, Morgan is fearless in her approach to life. She is an A student and accomplished at both gymnastics and dance.

Of course, Morgan doesn’t remember being diagnosed, nor does she make decisions about her treatment. But she is most definitely a participatory and proactive patient, handling much of her treatment herself and reporting to her doctor.

Morgan McCall, age 11, living well with cystic fibrosis
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Paula and Steve McCall, Morgan’s parents, and outspoken ambassadors for parents of children with illnesses
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