Sarcoma: A Survivor Makes the Most of Life's Turning Points

The iLuminate technology was recently showcased on America’s Got Talent, which brought worldwide attention to what I created. Throughout the season, the live audiences and judges gave us standing ovations, and the judges have had only positive things to say about us. It’s been an amazing experience that I will never forget!

What Can Your Story Teach Young Men and Women With Cancer?

I make it a point to never look back. This is something I learned from my experience with cancer. For a long time, most of my life and when I was diagnosed with cancer, I would always ask why this was happening to me or think that it wasn’t fair. I learned that things happen, whether for a reason or not, but it’s up to you to have the strength to make the most of your situation. So I try not to look back.

An important step a young person can take during the course of treatment is to not ask why but to be strong. Know that if you can get past this, you will have the strength and tools you need to live a happy life and make your dreams come true.

One important thing I did when I was sick that made a big difference was to finally open myself up to all the love and support I was given. I tended to be closed off emotionally, keeping to myself. When I needed love and support from my family and friends, they were there, and I learned how important it is to let other people into your life and how healing love can be.

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