ADHD in the News

Smoking While Pregnant Linked to ADHD in Children

07/21/2014 - Expectant moms' use of nicotine-replacement therapy could also spell problems for kids, study suggests

ADHD Drugs May Up Risk of Heart Problems in Kids, Study Finds

07/03/2014 - But problems are rare, findings should not cause alarm, experts say

Kids With ADHD More Likely to Abuse Drugs: Analysis

06/30/2014 - But researchers also found that medications used to treat disorder not part of increased risk

Health Tip: Communicate With an ADHD Child

06/26/2014 - Shouting doesn't help

No Sign That ADHD Meds Raise Suicide Risk: Study

06/20/2014 - 'Rigorous' Swedish research compared behavior when patients were on or off the stimulant drugs

Genetic 'Networks' May Play Role in Autism

06/06/2014 - Finding might provide new targets for drugs to treat disorder, researchers say

Can Fire Retardants Raise Risk of Children Born With Lower IQs?

05/28/2014 - Study found higher levels of the chemicals in mom also upped chances of hyperactivity in kids by age 5

Drug Therapy May Lower Odds That Kids With ADHD Will Smoke

05/12/2014 - Children with the disorder typically have higher smoking rates, experts note

Kids With ADHD May Also Suffer Family Troubles

05/06/2014 - Study found they were more likely to come from homes affected by poverty, divorce, substance abuse

Many Ivy League Students Admit Using ADHD Drugs for Better Grades: Study

05/02/2014 - 18 percent surveyed said they've used meds like Adderall to stay alert when cramming

ADHD Drug Ritalin Boosted Self-Control in Tests

04/25/2014 - Researchers think manipulating brain chemicals might help people stick to a diet or boring tasks

1 in 13 U.S. Schoolkids Takes Psych Meds: Report

04/24/2014 - More than half of parents said the drugs are helpful

Language Problems Common for Kids With ADHD, Study Finds

04/21/2014 - Anxiety often goes hand in hand with attention disorder, too

Too Many Foster Kids With ADHD Treated With Antipsychotic Drugs: Study

04/10/2014 - Researchers looked at unapproved 'atypical' use of these meds in one state

ADHD Drugs Linked to Later Weight Gain in Kids

03/17/2014 - Study found 'rebound' effect in children who stopped using stimulants, which may increase obesity risk later

Autism, ADHD Tied to Gender Concerns in Some Kids: Study

03/12/2014 - These children may be less inhibited, more likely to say they want to be another gender, researchers suggest

Psychiatric Ills Widespread Among U.S. Soldiers: Studies

03/03/2014 - Rates exceed those found in general population; may help explain increase in suicides, researchers say

Are Kids Born to Older Dads at Risk for Mental Health Woes?

02/26/2014 - Large Swedish study found higher rates of autism, ADHD and other disorders, but expert says the risk is small

Use of Tylenol in Pregnancy Tied to Higher ADHD Risk in Child

02/24/2014 - Risk increases with longer use, researchers say; experts caution the finding needs verification

Kids With ADHD May Benefit From 'Brain Wave' Training in School: Study

02/17/2014 - But experts agree more research is needed to see if that translates into better classroom performance