Allergies in the News

Health Tip: Minimizing Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

04/15/2014 - Close the windows and run the air conditioner

Spring Cleaning Helps Stave Off Allergy Symptoms: Experts

04/11/2014 - Tips for keeping pollen, mold and dust mites from your home

Health Tip: Antihistamines Have Side Effects

04/09/2014 - Some can make you very drowsy

So Long Snow, Hello Pollen

04/06/2014 - Doctor shares tips for handling spring allergies

Under-the-Tongue Tablet Approved for Grass Allergies

04/02/2014 - To be started 4 months before allergy season

FDA Approves Under-the-Tongue Hay Fever Pill

04/02/2014 - Oralair cuts symptoms linked to pollens of certain grasses

Health Tip: Understanding Eye Allergies

03/25/2014 - Here are common triggers

Could 'Nasal Filter' Device Help Ease Allergies?

03/21/2014 - It appeared to reduce sneezing, runny nose in small, preliminary study, but more testing needed, doctors say

Health Tip: Using a Humidifier

03/13/2014 - Clean it often

Allergy Rates Surprisingly Similar Across the U.S., Study Finds

03/07/2014 - However, young children in southern states suffer more than their peers in other regions

Food Allergies Have Nearly Doubled Among Black Children

03/03/2014 - Unclear if it's due to better detection or environmental triggers, researchers say

Expectant Mothers' Colds May Affect Baby

02/04/2014 - Exposures in womb might raise risk of asthma, allergies in childhood, study suggests

Blood Test Might Help Tell When Peanut Allergy Is Gone: Study

01/31/2014 - Findings might one day benefit patients who go through therapy to build up resistance to allergen

Gradual Exposure to Peanuts May Help Some Allergic Kids

01/30/2014 - Experimental therapy increased tolerance, but much more testing needed, doctors say

Health Tip: Inform Your Allergic Child

01/30/2014 - The youngster should know to avoid certain foods

Health Tip: Prevent Dust Allergy Symptoms

01/29/2014 - Keep your home as clean as possible

FDA Advisers: Pill for Ragweed Allergy Safe and Effective

01/28/2014 - Placed under the tongue, it helps the body immunize itself against the offending plant

Stocking Epinephrine in Schools Might Save Lives

01/17/2014 - Advocates say one in four allergic reactions happens for the first time on school grounds

Preservative in Baby Wipes Linked to Rashes in Some Children

01/13/2014 - Researchers report six cases where stopping use of wipes resolved skin reaction

Eating More Nuts During Pregnancy Might Help Prevent Allergies in Kids: Study

12/23/2013 - Experts say mothers who consume more nuts won't raise -- and might reduce -- risk in children

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Cockroaches can cause allergic reactions.

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