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Exposing Babies to Peanuts May Help Curb Allergy Risk

02/23/2015 - Many high-risk infants should be given peanut products starting at four months, researchers say

Could a Dishwasher Raise Your Child's Allergy, Asthma Risk?

02/23/2015 - Study found children from homes that hand-washed dishes had less allergic disease

Skin Patch Shows Promise in Easing Peanut Allergy

02/23/2015 - Wearable device appears to 'educate' cells not to react to the food allergen, researchers say

Host of Factors Influence Baby's Immune System

02/23/2015 - Breast-feeding, less sterile environment spurs healthier makeup of gut bacteria, researchers report

Controlled Exposure to Peanuts at Early Age Shows Promise as Allergy Treatment

02/23/2015 - When given to toddlers, therapy helped them shed sensitivity, researchers report

Moldy Homes May Mean More Asthma in Young Kids

02/16/2015 - Those with allergies at greatest asthma risk, study finds

Milk Lurks in Some Dark Chocolate, Posing Allergy Risk: FDA

02/11/2015 - You can't always believe what you read on a product's label, agency says

Health Tip: Coping With Mold Allergy

02/10/2015 - Reduce moisture in your home

Certain Allergy, Depression Meds Tied to Higher Odds for Dementia

02/04/2015 - Class of drugs interferes with a key brain chemical, but study can't prove cause-and-effect

New Guidelines for People With Nasal Allergies

02/02/2015 - Testing is recommended, sinus imaging is not for hay fever

Keep Allergies in Mind When Planning Valentine's Day

01/23/2015 - Expert offers allergen-avoiding advice for buying gifts and planning a night out

Health Tip: Spotting the Signs of Eye Allergy

01/21/2015 - Symptoms may include itching, watering, redness

Health Tip: Can't Eat Wheat Flour?

01/06/2015 - Try one of these alternatives

Holiday Trimmings Can Trigger Allergies

12/20/2014 - Some tips to avoid bad reactions to the seasonal good times

Many People Misuse Devices for Asthma, Allergic Reaction

12/18/2014 - Memory of correct way to use inhalers, epinephrine pens faded over time, researchers report

Health Tip: Watch for Food Allergies

12/15/2014 - Know the ingredients of any food you taste

Experts Urge Quick Use of Epinephrine for Severe Allergic Reactions

12/02/2014 - New guidelines emphasize how effective and safe the injection is

Infants With Eczema May Be More Prone to Peanut Allergy: Study

11/25/2014 - If damaged skin exposed to peanut proteins in household dust, chances of allergy higher, researcher says

'Tis the Season of Challenges for Those With Food Allergies

11/22/2014 - Expert gives tips on avoiding problems

Many Docs Mistaken About Allergies: Study

11/07/2014 - Survey results show lots of primary care physicians lack knowledge of causes, treatments

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Cockroaches can cause allergic reactions.

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