Anxiety in the News

People May Grow More Trusting With Age, Study Finds

03/27/2015 - And that could mean more happiness, too, researchers say

Obesity, Smoking, Drinking, Depression: All Linked to Low Back Pain

03/25/2015 - Researchers say that modifying these factors might help ease condition

Could Smoggy Air Raise Your Anxiety Level?

03/25/2015 - Possibly, one study suggests, while another links pollution to increased stroke risk

Health Tip: Caregiver Stress Can Harm Your Health

03/24/2015 - It can lead to anxiety and depression

Green Space in Cities May Soothe the Heart

03/20/2015 - Study found lowered heart rates in residents when they walked by vacant lots that had been beautified

Joblessness Triples Odds for Depression in Young Adults

03/19/2015 - But researchers don't know if unemployment contributes to depression or depression contributes to unemployment

Yoga May Help Ease Depression in Pregnant Women

03/19/2015 - Finding suggests it might sometimes be alternative to antidepressants, talk therapy

Dad's Depression Affects Toddler's Behavior, Too

03/18/2015 - Study found a father's moods might increase risk of his youngster's anxiety, sadness

Could Loneliness Shorten a Life?

03/17/2015 - Study says feeling this way raised risk of early death by 26 percent

Workplace Suicides on the Rise, Study Finds

03/17/2015 - Police officers, firefighters at high risk, and rates are 15 times greater for men than women

Health Tip: Balance Work and Home Life

03/16/2015 - And feel less stressed at home

Cochlear Implants May Also Boost Seniors' Mood, Thinking: Study

03/12/2015 - Older people with severe hearing loss who received the devices had less depression, better mental skills

Some Emotions May Spur Urge to Pick or Pull at Skin, Hair, Nails

03/11/2015 - Study finds boredom, frustration, impatience fuel repetitive, body-focused behaviors in certain people

Stress, Depression a 'Perfect Storm' of Trouble for Heart Patients

03/10/2015 - Study finds significant risk of heart attack or death in the short term

Depression May Worsen Problem of Obesity Among the Poor

03/10/2015 - Study found link between mental disorder, unhealthy nutritional choices in this high-risk population

Depression During Pregnancy Linked to Child's Asthma Risk

03/09/2015 - Older, but not newer, antidepressants showed similar increased odds for respiratory condition, study found

Easing Depression May Boost Heart Health, Study Finds

03/05/2015 - People with moderate to severe depression saw improved circulatory outcomes with antidepressants

Stress May Undermine Heart Benefits of Exercise

03/05/2015 - Study found teens who lacked coping skills faced raised heart risks that physical fitness did not counter

Heart Valve Repair Surgery May Ease Mental Health Symptoms, Too

03/02/2015 - Researchers find procedure leads to reduced depression and anxiety

Study Links Recession to Spike in Suicides Among Middle-Aged

02/27/2015 - Big jump in rates seen during 2007-2010, when U.S. economy was lagging

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Anxiety costs the United States more than $42 billion every year-that's almost a third of the country's total mental health bill.