A Guide to Asthma Treatment

The two types of medications used to treat asthma are long-term control and short-term, quick-relief medications. Though both aim to treat symptoms, they’re used for different purposes. What you need to know about treating asthma ›

Types of Medications that Treat Asthma

As soon as a person is diagnosed with asthma he or she will receive a personalized treatment plan. Usually it includes a combination of asthma medications that attack breathing problems from all angles. The primary goal is to prevent asthma symptoms from occurring and to control them when they do occur. Sometimes it takes a period of trial and error before you settle on the best treatment approach.

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Asthma Inhalers, Sprays and Puffers

You have probably seen people with asthma use a small mouth device when they are having trouble breathing. An asthma inhaler can be a lifesaver because it delivers asthma medication quickly and directly into the lungs to help control breathing when a person is experiencing asthma symptoms.

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How Well Are You Managing Your Asthma?

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Natural Remedies for Asthma Relief

There are many natural remedies on the market that claim to treat asthma and promote healthier breathing. However, few studies have looked at the safety and effectiveness of these asthma remedies. Since asthma can be life threatening, it is worth taking a keener look at natural asthma remedies before trying them.

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A Quick Look at Long-Term Control Medications

Long-term control medications help keep your asthma under control and reduce your chance of having a flare-up. Some, called long-acting bronchodilators, relax the muscles that tighten around the airways. Others such as corticosteroids, which are anti-inflammatories, prevent or reduce airway inflammation. To work, most of these medications must be used daily. 

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