Brain tumors can affect your ability to think, remember, reason, and concentrate. Follow these tips to improve your quality of life and reduce frustration.

  • Become very organized.

  • Lay out clothing ahead of time.

  • Keep a calendar and record appointments and tasks.

  • Make daily “to do” lists.

  • Schedule household tasks throughout the week to prevent them from piling up.

  • Make sure common household items, like the TV remote, keys, envelopes, and stamps, are easy to find.

  • Write down clear driving directions.

  • Organize shopping lists by aisle to cut down on wandering.

  • Explain to your children what you cannot do at a level they can understand.

  • Find someone to help with childcare if necessary.

  • Maintain a regular sleep schedule.

  • Pace yourself to prevent exhaustion.

  • Start an exercise program, such as walking.

  • Ask for help from a family member or friend.

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