Breast Cancer Facts

Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that starts from the cells of the breast. It forms in the breast tissues, usually in the ducts and lobules. Learn more about breast cancer ›

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

The hallmark symptom of breast cancer is a breast lump, but many women do not detect a lump or experience symptoms in early stages of breast cancer.

A breast lump that is malignant is generally not painful, but pain can occur in some cases. There are a variety of causes of breast lumps, such as fibrocystic breasts or breast cysts. However, any breast lump should be quickly evaluated medically because of the risk of breast cancer.

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Treatment for Breast Cancer

The treatment choices for each woman depend on the size and location of the tumor in her breast, the results of lab tests (such as hormone receptor tests), and the stage or extent of the disease. A doctor also considers the woman's age, general health, the size of her breasts, and whether she is in menopause when making recommendations about a treatment plan for her. A woman considers these recommendations based on a range of personal factors and preferences that also must be taken into consideration.

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Living With Breast Cancer

When someone you love is diagnosed with breast cancer, the news is devastating for everyone involved. Whether that person is your mother, sister, close friend, colleague, wife, or life partner, the diagnosis will raise many questions about what’s next.  Most people want to help, but they also may be fearful of saying or doing something wrong.  So what are some ways you can help a loved one cope with breast cancer?

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Personal Story: Breast Prosthetics - Are They Right for You?

Every woman’s opinion on prosthetics evolves with her own experience, taste, and preferences. Here is a question recently posed to me on my blog, Ask Hester, as well as my answer:

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Personal Story: My Breast Cancer is Different

By Jacki Donaldson, Gainesville, FL

Nothing was more urgent after my breast cancer diagnosis than finding women just like me. Just days after my doctor called me to say, "You have cancer," I started scouring the Internet for survivors who were young and married—and, more than anything, I wanted to connect with moms of little ones. My boys were almost 4 years old and 18 months at the time, and my head was flooded with the fear that I wouldn't see them grow up. 

I found just what I was looking for—my female counterparts, whose stories convinced me I was not alone, that surviving my disease was a real possibility.

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