Breast Cancer in the News

Some Benefits of Screening Elderly Women for Breast Cancer Questioned

09/16/2014 - Mammograms for those aged 69 to 75 could result in overtreatment, researchers caution

Can Prediabetes Raise Risk of Certain Cancers?

09/09/2014 - Study found link to breast, colon, liver and other tumors

Bras Blameless for Breast Cancer Risk: Study

09/05/2014 - Contrary to media reports, researchers found no evidence wearing them boosted chances of disease

Is Soy a Foe to Women With Breast Cancer?

09/04/2014 - Study raises questions about the effect of its estrogen-like properties

'Angelina Jolie Effect' Prompted More Testing for Breast Cancer Genes: Study

09/03/2014 - Women at greatest risk were the ones who sought genetic counseling, researcher said

Personal Reminders Seem to Boost Mammography Rates

09/03/2014 - Signed letter from family doctor generates greater response, study finds

Complication Rates Low With Mastectomy, Breast Reconstruction: Study

09/02/2014 - But there was slightly higher risk of complications with double mastectomy, researchers added

New Guidelines for Treating Form of Advanced Breast Cancer

09/02/2014 - Four-fifths of advanced cases are HER2-negative tumors, doctors' group says

Double Mastectomy Doesn't Improve Survival, Study Finds

09/02/2014 - But many more women in U.S. are choosing the radical procedure

Many Women Who Have Mastectomy Don't Get Breast Reconstruction: Study

08/20/2014 - Most were satisfied with their decision, researchers noted

Study: Many Seniors Get Unnecessary Cancer Tests

08/18/2014 - Screening shouldn't be done when patients have less than a 10-year life expectancy, researchers say

Exercise Helps Protect Black Women From Breast Cancer, Study Says

08/15/2014 - Research confirms findings previously noted for whites

Painkillers May Halve Risk of Breast Cancer Return in Obese Women: Study

08/14/2014 - Experts think anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin might help cancer treatments work better

Bone Drugs Don't Lower Breast Cancer Risk After All, Study Finds

08/12/2014 - Instead, low estrogen might be the beneficial factor, researcher suggests

Exercise Cuts Breast Cancer Risk in Older Women, Study Finds

08/11/2014 - But the effect quickly fades once workouts stop, researchers noted

Millions Given Access to Breast, Cervical Cancer Screening: CDC

08/07/2014 - Report details success of CDC program for women with limited health care access

New Cancer Classification System Might Boost Patient Outcomes

08/07/2014 - Categorizing tumors by cell type and not the organ they grow in may alter treatment, experts say

Sharp Rise in Risk With New Breast Cancer Gene, Scientists Say

08/06/2014 - One in three women with PALB2 mutation will develop disease by age 70

Women Over 75 May Benefit From Mammograms

08/05/2014 - Study says early-stage cancer detection is key, but another expert says it may lead to 'overtreatment'

Some Birth Control Pills May Up Breast Cancer Risk

08/01/2014 - High-dose estrogen formulations linked to greater risk in women under 50, experts find

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