Children's Health in the News

Spring Cleaning Safety Tips

04/19/2014 - How to avoid accidental poisonings from chemicals, medications

If Kids Think Someone's Watching, They're More Likely to Wash Their Hands

04/19/2014 - Less than half of students soaped up when they were alone, study finds

Drowning Deaths Down Overall, But Still a Problem: Report

04/15/2014 - Rates increased for adults 45 to 84; kids 4 and under and adults 85 and older at highest risk

Campfire Precautions Can Protect Kids From Burns

04/13/2014 - Adult supervision, barriers around fire essential, expert says

Protecting Children From Poison Emergencies

04/12/2014 - Safety, treatment advice for parents from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Having Kids Walk to School Comes With Risks, Benefits

04/07/2014 - Added physical activity is healthy for youngsters, but traffic poses danger, study finds

Liquid Nicotine in E-Cigarettes Rising Cause of Poisonings: CDC

04/03/2014 - Calls to poison control centers have jumped, ingestion could be deadly for kids, experts report

Health Tip: Childproof Your Home

03/18/2014 - To keep little ones safe

Infants at Highest Risk for Childhood Burns

02/04/2014 - Hot beverages, hair irons most often the cause, British study found

Secure Those Sets for Super Bowl Viewing

02/01/2014 - As part of National TV Safety Day, experts warn that televisions can tip over on kids

Twenty U.S. Kids Hospitalized Each Day for Gun Injuries: Study

01/27/2014 - Nearly a third of these shootings are accidental, study finds

Shopping Carts Can Pose Big Danger to Little Kids

01/23/2014 - Study found one youngster seriously injured in falls, tip-overs every 22 minutes

Concussions Common in Middle School Girls Playing Soccer: Study

01/20/2014 - Many continue to play through symptoms, increasing risk of second injury, experts say

Ban on Chemicals Lowers Human Exposures, Study Finds

01/15/2014 - But exposure to similar phthalates that aren't banned has risen, researchers say

Daycare Surfaces May Hold Germs Longer Than Thought

01/03/2014 - Even well-cleaned cribs were contaminated with bacteria that can cause illness, study found

Survey Finds Support for Banning E-Cigarette Use by Kids

12/19/2013 - 86 percent of adults polled said the nicotine-delivery devices should not be sold to minors

Rise in U.S. High Chair Injuries Stuns Experts

12/09/2013 - Either safety straps aren't working or adults don't use them properly, researchers say

How Worried Are Parents About Kids' Online Safety?

12/02/2013 - Study suggests race, ethnicity, other factors affect their level of concern

Prevent Home Heating From Becoming a Safety Hazard

12/01/2013 - Expert advice on avoiding house fires, carbon monoxide poisoning

Cross These Dangerous Toys Off Kids' Christmas List, Experts Say

11/26/2013 - Annual 'Trouble in Toyland' report cites playthings that could choke or poison a child

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Only 32 percent of U.S. children attend physical education classes daily. Parental encouragement can help them be more active outside of school.