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ER Physician Raises Concerns About Powdered Caffeine

02/27/2015 - One teaspoon of substance equivalent to about 25 cups of coffee

Flavored Booze Beverages Tied to Higher Injury Risk in Teens

02/25/2015 - Super-sized 'alcopops' a major concern, study says

Arsenic in Well Water Can Raise Level in Baby Formula: Study

02/23/2015 - Researchers found overall amounts low, but recommend testing privately supplied tap water

58 Million Americans Exposed to Secondhand Smoke: CDC

02/03/2015 - Two out of five children breathing in passive smoke, study says

Watch Out for Falling Icicles

01/25/2015 - Winter's hazards aren't all underfoot, doctor warns

Many Parents Too Quick to Switch Child Car Seats, Study Finds

01/23/2015 - Front-facing models unsafe before age 2, experts say

Researchers Rethink Inner-City Asthma Theory

01/20/2015 - Poverty, race, ethnicity are more accurate predictors, study says

Vaccine Opponents Often Cluster in Communities

01/19/2015 - California study found certain areas have high numbers of parents who forgo immunizing kids

Many Teens Think 'Light Smoking' Is Safe, Study Finds

01/12/2015 - Experts stress need to snuff out misconceptions about occasional cigarette use

Strong Neighborhood Bonds, Less Gun Violence?

01/02/2015 - Participation of community members is essential, researchers say

Make Your Home 'Kid Safe' During the Holidays

12/25/2014 - Experts warn against leaving medications, drinks, ashtrays, lamp oils, toxic plants within reach of children

Concussion Laws Helping Student-Athletes, Study Finds

12/22/2014 - Researchers believe raising public awareness made a big difference, too

Older Cars a Bad Choice for Younger Drivers

12/19/2014 - Study found nearly half of teen crashes involved cars more than a decade old

Many Kids Exposed to Unneeded X-Rays, Study Finds

12/03/2014 - Limiting radiation, costs should be objectives, researcher says

Toddlers Hurt in Falls Often Not Warned About Climbing on Furniture

12/01/2014 - Researchers found parents of these kids also more likely to not use safety gates at home

Babies Still Sleeping With Soft Bedding Despite SIDS Risk: CDC

12/01/2014 - Over half have items in crib that may up odds of sudden infant death syndrome

Scooters Leading Cause of Toy-Linked Injuries in Kids

12/01/2014 - New report also shows that a child winds up in the ER with a toy-related injury every 3 minutes in the U.S.

Steer Clear of Cold Meds for Babies, FDA Advises

11/26/2014 - Drugs carry serious risks, and most infants, toddlers recover with rest and extra care

Adult-Sized ATVs Deadly for Kids, Report Shows

11/24/2014 - Study highlights risks associated with all-terrain vehicles

Young Children, Energy Drinks a Dangerous Mix

11/17/2014 - Study finds more than 40 percent of emergency calls to U.S. poison control centers involve children under 6

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