Children's Health in the News

Following Water Safety Rules Saves Lives, Red Cross Says

06/27/2015 - Children can drown within five minutes, experts warn

Keep Safety in Mind When Skateboarding

06/21/2015 - Experts offer tips on how to protect yourself from injury when catching 'air'

Thinking About a Pool? Think About Safety

06/19/2015 - Never assume someone else is watching the kids

Gun Violence Takes Toll on Kids' Mental Health, Study Finds

06/08/2015 - Even witnessing such incidents carries long-term consequences, researchers say

Safety Precautions Help Prevent Summer Camp Injuries

06/05/2015 - Accidents often happen during supervised activities, experts warn

Tips for Preventing Dog Bites

05/25/2015 - Even a friendly pooch may overreact when startled

Breath-Holding Games Are Killing Swimmers, CDC Warns

05/21/2015 - Even seasoned athletes are drowning because of dangerous underwater behaviors, agency says

Health Tip: Wear Baseball Gear

05/21/2015 - And make sure it fits correctly

Stomach Bug Traced to Swimming in Contaminated Lake Water

05/14/2015 - Safe hygiene practices can prevent norovirus outbreaks, CDC says

Mow With Safety in Mind

05/02/2015 - Expert offers tips on avoiding injury when cutting the grass

Put Car Seat on Your Summer-Travel Checklist

04/29/2015 - Expert clarifies age and size requirements

Phone-Focused Parents a Danger to Their Kids at Playground

04/27/2015 - This distraction raises odds of child injuries, study finds

Baby Swings, Car Seats Not Safe for Sleeping

04/24/2015 - To avoid suffocation, put infants down in a crib, expert says

Most Adults Don't Support Medical Marijuana for Kids, Poll Finds

04/22/2015 - Most also disapprove of its use in front of children

Safety Tips Hot Off the Grill

04/18/2015 - Doctor shares some barbecue do's and don'ts

Know the Signs of Child Abuse

04/13/2015 - All adults must play role in protecting kids from harm, doctor says

The Inside Dish on Barbecue Safety

04/12/2015 - Watching out for spoilage is critical, expert says

Child Sex Trafficking Victims Easily Missed by Doctors, Social Workers: Study

03/17/2015 - Victims 'hide in plain sight,' experts say, and survey finds more training is needed

Low Vaccination Rates Likely Behind Disney Measles Outbreak: Study

03/16/2015 - Disease may continue to spread unless more people get shots to protect against infection, experts warn

Ebola Outbreak Disrupted Routine Medical Care in West Africa

03/12/2015 - Many childhood vaccinations missed, putting hundreds of thousands at risk for measles, other diseases, study says

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Teaching kids to be polite is easiest between the ages of 3 and 6, when they're most anxious to please adults.