Cold and Flu in the News

China's New Bird Flu Might Put People at Risk, Report Says

02/05/2014 - Genetic analysis after woman's death finds virus may 'replicate efficiently in humans'

Expectant Mothers' Colds May Affect Baby

02/04/2014 - Exposures in womb might raise risk of asthma, allergies in childhood, study suggests

Health Tip: Using a Nasal Spray

01/31/2014 - Make sure you follow the directions

College Students Should Get a Flu Shot

01/30/2014 - Dorm living, large classes increase their exposure to the virus, doctor notes

Health Tip: Antiviral Can Help Manage Flu

01/28/2014 - It can help minimize severity and duration

Hand Washing, Zinc May Ward Off Colds: Review

01/27/2014 - Meanwhile, antihistamines, decongestants, pain relievers might help treat them, researcher reports

Adults With Diabetes Need a Flu Shot: Experts

01/25/2014 - Large Canadian study finds people with diabetes are more likely to get sick from flu, be hospitalized

Want to Stay Healthy? Try Washing Your Hands

01/17/2014 - Dirty digits are the fastest way to communicate infectious germs, experts say

Meet Henry the Hand: A Crusading Doctor's Right-Hand Man

01/17/2014 - Cartoon character helps physician spread the gospel of good hand hygiene

When a Common Cold Becomes More Dangerous for Kids

01/14/2014 - New study clarifies risk factors for lung disease

Health Tip: Avoid Spreading the Common Cold

01/14/2014 - Don't go to work or school

U.S. Flu Cases Continue to Climb

01/10/2014 - Southwestern states hardest hit, but infections still not at epidemic levels, CDC says

Ease Up on Workouts to Aid Flu Recovery, Expert Says

01/09/2014 - Intense exercise will stress the immune system even more

Liquid Tamiflu for Kids in Short Supply

01/08/2014 - Shortage should be resolved in week; Tamiflu capsules and flu shots widely available, U.S. officials say

Temporary Fever May Occur When Kids Under 2 Get 2 Shots at Once

01/07/2014 - Higher risk for a day or two if flu and pneumococcal vaccines given together, study finds

Health Tip: Don't Take Too Much Acetaminophen

01/03/2014 - It's found in many pain and cold meds

Cancer Patients Vulnerable to Complications From Flu

12/27/2013 - Expert advises these patients to get vaccinated as protection

H1N1 Flu Spreading in South-Central U.S.

12/26/2013 - This flu strain tends to hit younger adults harder than older adults, CDC says

Testosterone May Undermine Flu Shot's Effectiveness for Men

12/23/2013 - High levels of the hormone cause fewer antibodies to be produced, researchers say

Flu Vaccine Prevented 6.6 Million Illnesses Last Season: CDC

12/12/2013 - There's still time to get vaccinated for current flu season, health officials say

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If you have the flu, you are contagious one day before symptoms appear and up to five days after.