Depression in the News

Blood Test Spots Adult Depression: Study

09/16/2014 - It's as accurate as current methods, but can also confirm recovery, researchers contend

The Parenting Trap: Coddling Anxious Kids

09/12/2014 - Trying to protect children from source of anxiety may make things worse, researchers say

Sibling Bullies May Leave Lasting Effects

09/08/2014 - Study links harassment at home to higher levels of depression, anxiety

Serious Childhood Burns Tied to Long-Term Mental Health Risks

09/04/2014 - Adults injured by fire when young are at increased odds of depression, study finds

Electrical Pulses to Scalp May Boost Memory: Study

08/28/2014 - But years of research remain before this therapy could treat brain disorders, experts say

Study: Young Adults Who Had Depression Have 'Hyper-Connected' Brain Networks

08/27/2014 - Finding might help predict, prevent and treat the disorder, researchers say

Simple Steps Make Shots Less Scary for Kids, Nurse Says

08/22/2014 - Parents can help their children handle the sting of getting vaccinated

Talk Therapy Plus Meds May Be Best for Severe Depression

08/21/2014 - But combination isn't better than drugs alone for those with mild or chronic mood disorder, study says

Health Tip: When Your Child Is Afraid to Sleep

08/21/2014 - Understand what's behind the fear

Settling Back-to-School Nerves

08/16/2014 - Expert offers parents tips on reducing anxieties, jitters for kids

Robin Williams Had Early Stage Parkinson's Disease, Wife Reveals

08/15/2014 - Psychiatrist says you can't necessarily link the nerve disease diagnosis with his suicide

Robin Williams Had Parkinson's Disease, Wife Says

08/14/2014 - He wasn't ready to share diagnosis publicly before he took his life this week, she revealed

Study Hints at Link Between Poor Sleep, Suicide Risk

08/13/2014 - But the research involving older adults doesn't prove cause and effect

Malnutrition Threatens Many U.S. Seniors Seen at ERs

08/13/2014 - Depression, dental problems, difficulty buying groceries among most common reasons, study finds

Robin Williams' Death Shines Light on Depression, Substance Abuse

08/12/2014 - Doctors say there are effective treatments for both disorders that can help many people

Fitness May Help Ward Off Depression in Girls

08/07/2014 - Being in good physical condition likely to help boys avoid the blues too, expert says

Coaching May Help Diabetics Battle Depression, Disease Better

08/06/2014 - Study found mental health sessions allowed patients to manage blood sugar levels more effectively

Preschoolers Can Suffer From Depression, Too

08/04/2014 - Study finds that these kids may be plagued by the condition throughout childhood

Scientists Shed Light on Link Between Depression, Dementia

07/30/2014 - Researchers deem depression an independent risk factor for dementia

Gardens a Center of Calm for People With Dementia

07/30/2014 - Review found some evidence it helped soothe, distract sufferers, but safeguards important

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Research shows that more women than men experience depression. This could be because women are more likely than men to report and seek help for depressed feelings.