Depression in the News

1 in 5 Teens May Be Bullied on Social Media

06/22/2015 - Review found wide variations in prevalence, but victims were often females who were depressed

Poor Health as Teen, Poor Job Prospects Later, Study Suggests

06/22/2015 - Chronic mental or physical problems were tied to worse education, employment goals in adult life

Can Too Much Sitting Make You Anxious?

06/19/2015 - Review found link between the two, but not cause and effect

Too Much 'Feel Good' Brain Chemical May Trigger Social Phobia

06/17/2015 - Serotonin finding conflicts with conventional wisdom, researchers say

Many U.S. Men With Depression, Anxiety Don't Get Treated, CDC Finds

06/11/2015 - Young minority males less likely than whites to access mental health care

Hormone Therapy Doesn't Help Memory: Study

06/03/2015 - Researchers did see mood improvement in women on oral treatment

Bullied Teens at Risk for Later Depression, Study Finds

06/03/2015 - Getting picked on at age 13 tied to raised odds of poor mental health at 18, U.K. researchers report

Risk to Baby From Antidepressant Use in Pregnancy Is Small, Study Says

06/02/2015 - Newborn circulatory condition rate similar whether mom's depression was treated or not

Cancer Patient's Health Affected by Spouse's Mood

06/01/2015 - A depressed caregiver raises odds of depression in ill loved one, too, study shows

Demi Lovato Gets Vocal About Mental Illness

05/28/2015 - Diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2011, pop singer is spearheading new awareness campaign

Chronic Gambling Linked to Depression, Impulsivity

05/27/2015 - Both should be treated at the same time, researchers say

Heed the Warning Signs of Teen Suicide, Experts Say

05/26/2015 - Withdrawal, changes in daily habits can signal trouble

Hospice May Help Ease Depression After Loss of Spouse

05/26/2015 - Study suggests improved coping for those whose loved ones had end-of-life care

Do People Transmit Happiness by Smell?

05/26/2015 - Lab experiment with 'scent samples' suggests humans pick up on others' positive emotions via sweat

Depression Linked to Death of Many Heart Failure Patients

05/24/2015 - Researcher recommends counseling as first step

Depression May Intensify Anger in Veterans With PTSD: Study

05/22/2015 - Aggressive outbursts can unleash harm to others or to soldiers themselves, researchers say

Animals May Ease Social Anxiety in Children With Autism

05/22/2015 - Playing with guinea pig in stressful situation was calming, study finds

Over 4 Million Working Americans Suffer From Anxiety Disorders

05/21/2015 - Illness can be debilitating, but treatment is available so workers can stay productive, experts say

Depression Tied to Some Risk of Parkinson's Disease

05/20/2015 - Swedish study finds association, but overall risk is low -- only about 1 percent

Antidepressants Ease Postpartum Depression, Study Finds

05/19/2015 - But breast-feeding moms should talk with doctor about risks and benefits of drugs, researchers say

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People with depression are just feeling sorry for themselves and would be able to snap out of it if they'd just try.