Depression in the News

Risk of Violent Crime Rises With Depression, Study Finds

02/25/2015 - But doctors may be more likely to focus on self-harm, suicide

After Blowing Their Stack, a Heart Attack

02/24/2015 - Explosive anger increased risk 8-fold, study found

Hungry in the Department Store? Your Spending May Rise

02/20/2015 - Study finds ravenous people tend to purchase more nonfood items

Narcotic Painkiller Use Tied to Higher Risk for Depression

02/20/2015 - The longer the use, the bigger the risk the user would become depressed, study found

How to Survive Valentine's Day Without Romance

02/13/2015 - Expert offers tips to those who don't have a partner or spouse

Mental Health Disorders May Shorten Life Span: Study

02/11/2015 - Researchers find people with psychiatric conditions live an average of 10 fewer years

Stigma Keeps Employees From Admitting to a Mental Illness: Study

02/06/2015 - But half of those surveyed said they'd want to help their co-worker

Certain Allergy, Depression Meds Tied to Higher Odds for Dementia

02/04/2015 - Class of drugs interferes with a key brain chemical, but study can't prove cause-and-effect

Binge-Watching TV May Be Sign of Depression, Loneliness

01/29/2015 - Researchers say hours and hours of viewing often isn't just harmless fun

Soda Habit May Prompt Early Puberty in Girls, Study Suggests

01/28/2015 - Early menstruation a risk factor for depression and breast cancer, researchers say

Student Loans Take Emotional Toll on Young Adults

01/27/2015 - As college debts mount, so do depressive symptoms, study says

Walking Group a Step Toward Better Health, Researchers Say

01/20/2015 - Your heart rate, cholesterol and even depression might improve, study suggests

Depression, Anxiety Can Precede Memory Loss in Alzheimer's, Study Finds

01/14/2015 - Those who developed dementia were more than twice as likely to be diagnosed with depression earlier

Cancer Survivors May Struggle for Years With Mental, Physical Problems

01/12/2015 - Survey finds financial health often suffers, too

You're Unlikely to Get a Skin Infection From a Spider's Bite, Review Finds

01/09/2015 - Expert thinks this common worry may create unnecessary fear of arachnids

Health Tip: Is It Grief or Depression?

01/08/2015 - How to determine the difference

Parent's Suicide Attempt Makes Child's Much More Likely: Study

12/30/2014 - Suicidal behavior appears to run in families, with certain conditions putting kids at higher risk

'Tis the Season for Seasonal Affective Disorder

12/29/2014 - Expert explains this type of depression, including symptoms to watch for

Abuse in Childhood Tied to Migraines in Adulthood

12/24/2014 - Emotional or sexual maltreatment linked to higher odds of serious headache, study finds

Terrorism Fears May Shorten Your Life, Study Finds

12/23/2014 - Constant anxiety increases risk of heart attack, stroke

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Married women are more likely to be depressed than unmarried women. But it's the opposite with men: Unmarried men are more likely to be depressed than married men.