Diabetes in the News

Diabetes Complication Rates Drop Among U.S. Adults

04/16/2014 - But at the same time, rates of diabetes have more than tripled, researchers report

FDA Approves New Type 2 Diabetes Drug

04/15/2014 - Tanzeum is injected once a week and appears to help control blood sugar levels, agency says

Nearly 10 Percent of U.S. Adults Now Have Diabetes: Study

04/14/2014 - Researchers found a nationwide rise of the disease since late 1980s, and a parallel rise in obesity

Clues to Type 2 Diabetes Discovered on Mount Everest

04/14/2014 - Study found low oxygen levels in healthy people at high altitudes led to increase in signs of insulin resistance

A Doctor's 'People Skills' Affects Patients' Health

04/10/2014 - Comfortable relationship can be as beneficial as statins for heart problems, study finds

Obesity-Related Enzyme Targeted in Mouse Study

04/09/2014 - Findings suggest new way to prompt body to burn extra energy

Childhood Obesity Adds Nearly $20K to Lifetime Medical Costs: Study

04/07/2014 - Losing weight while young may help kids lower future health care expenses, researcher says

Diabetes Tied to Higher Risk of Pancreatic Cancer in Study

04/04/2014 - But it's not always clear which disease comes first, researchers say

Exercise, Diet May Help 'Pre-Diabetics' Dodge Heart Disease Death

04/03/2014 - Study followed Chinese people with high blood sugar for more than two decades

Stronger Muscles May Mean Better Health for Kids

03/31/2014 - Study of 6th-graders links greater strength to lower risk for heart disease

More Evidence Weight-Loss Surgery Helps People With Diabetes

03/31/2014 - One-third of gastric-bypass patients kept type 2 diabetes under control without meds during three-year study

Diabetes Treatment Falls Short as Heart Failure Drug in Study

03/31/2014 - Metformin does not have protective effect on left ventricle, researchers say

Take Heart: Mediterranean Diet Combats Diabetes, Study Says

03/27/2014 - It's especially beneficial to those at risk of heart disease, researcher contends

Moms Who Keep 'Baby Weight' May Risk Heart Trouble

03/25/2014 - Study finds weight gain increases odds for heart disease, diabetes

Diabetes in Middle Age May Cause Memory Problems Later

03/19/2014 - Study also found that high blood pressure has similar impact

Coordinated Care Helps Elderly With Chronic Diseases

03/17/2014 - Odds of complications, hospital admissions lower when patients see fewer doctors, says study

Elderly Diabetes Patients on Insulin Most Vulnerable to Low-Blood-Sugar Trouble

03/10/2014 - Study found they were more than twice as likely to end up in ER, five times more likely to be hospitalized

Are All Home-Based Blood Sugar Tests Equal?

03/07/2014 - FDA takes steps to eliminate potential risks for people with diabetes

Some Helpful Hints When Monitoring Blood Sugar

03/07/2014 - For starters, wash your hands before you test, experts say

Study Sees No Evidence Linking Diabetes Drugs With Pancreatic Cancer

02/26/2014 - But FDA assessment calls for further look at injectable type-2 treatments