10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor

10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor about...


  1. What causes arthritis? Can it be cured?

  2. What type of arthritis do I have?

  3. What kinds of things (such as aging, activity, or lifestyle) may cause my arthritis to get worse?

  4. What topical and oral medications treat arthritis? Which ones should I try first?

  5. What are my options if medications don’t work for me or the side effects bother me?

  6. What is the role of activity (such as stretching, range-of-motion exercises, and muscle strengthening) in relieving arthritis pain?

  7. Will injections help relieve my arthritis pain?

  8. Do I need surgery? What are the possible surgical outcomes?

  9. Will treatment enable me to return to my normal daily activities?

  10. What non-medical steps can I take to help ease arthritis pain?

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Reference: Arthritis section on Better Medicine

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Arthritis accounts for 39 million doctor visits each year and more than 500,000 trips to the hospital.