Fibromyalgia in the News

Study Finds Drinking May Ease Fibromyalgia Pain, But Doctors Wary

07/30/2015 - U.S. specialists say alcohol is the wrong approach

Oxygen Chamber Therapy May Ease Fibromyalgia, Study Suggests

06/24/2015 - But treatment isn't FDA-approved, so insurance companies might not cover the cost

Lidocaine Injection May Help Treat Fibromyalgia, Study Suggests

08/05/2014 - But experts wonder how much of the benefit is due to placebo effect

Electrical Brain Stimulation Might Help Fibromyalgia Patients

03/26/2014 - Small French study saw improvement in people's mood, quality of life

Most Teens With Fibromyalgia Suffer Pain, Fatigue as Adults

02/26/2014 - Four of five continued to experience symptoms, while half had full-blown disorder, study finds

Restless Sleep Linked to Widespread Pain in Older Adults

02/13/2014 - Anxiety, memory problems and poor health also play a role, study suggests

Vitamin D Supplements May Help Ease Fibromyalgia Pain: Study

01/17/2014 - Patients who think they are deficient in the nutrient should consult their doctor first, experts say

Brain Scans Show Fibromyalgia Patients Process Pain Differently

11/05/2013 - Activity in certain regions suggests why they're less able to prepare for pain or respond to pain relief

Fibromyalgia Might Be Harder on Younger Patients, Study Finds

10/29/2013 - Research compared symptom severity, quality of life in various age groups

Lyrica May Ease Pain for Depressed Fibromyalgia Patients

10/28/2013 - Study finds drug safe, effective in combination with antidepressants

New Clues to Fibromyalgia's Causes

08/06/2013 - Condition called small-fiber polyneuropathy may lie behind many cases, research suggests

Nerve Stimulation Might Ease Fibromyalgia Pain

06/10/2013 - Small early study saw improvement in patients' quality of life

Weather Doesn't Trigger Fibromyalgia Symptoms, Study Finds

06/04/2013 - But some patients still may be more sensitive than others

Exercise May Ease Pain of Fibromyalgia, Study Suggests

05/10/2013 - Moderate physical activity doesn't exacerbate symptoms, researchers find

Fibromyalgia Diagnosis Often Missed in Men: Study

12/27/2012 - Condition causing pain, fatigue, sleep woes is much more common in women

Health Tip: Help Ease Fibromyalgia Symptoms

09/11/2012 - Be sure to get enough sleep

Health Tip: Living With Fibromyalgia

08/30/2012 - Make sure you get enough sleep

Health Tip: Defining Fibromyalgia

08/22/2012 - Symptoms typically include widespread pain and tender points

Fatigue Not a Factor in Fibromyalgia Pain, Study Says

04/26/2012 - Lack of sleep did not predict intensity, duration of discomfort with the disorder

Obesity Linked to Worse Fibromyalgia Symptoms

02/08/2012 - As weight increases, so do patient reports of greater pain, poor quality of life, researchers say

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