Exercise for Fibromyalgia Relief

The many health benefits of exercise are unmistakable. It keeps you fit and at a healthy weight, reduces stress, and prevents many diseases. In the past, doctors advised against exercise for people with fibromyalgia, thinking it would make their symptoms worse. But the tides have changed.

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Can Diet Improve Fibromyalgia?

It makes sense for people with fibromyalgia to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet to combat fatigue and maximize their energy. But are there certain foods to avoid if you have fibromyalgia?

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How Well Are You Managing Your Fibromyalgia Pain?

Evaluate how well your fibromyalgia treatment is working.

Going to Work With Fibromyalgia

When your body hurts all over, daily activities, such as household chores and working, can be very tiring if you have fibromyalgia. But there are changes you can make to your home and work environment that can help.

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