Too Busy To Work Out?

It can be hard to make time to exercise, but you don't have to forgo it entirely - even on the busiest days. Even small bursts of exercise can add up. Slideshow: 10 Fitness Tips to Fit Your Schedule ›

Take Your Workout Outdoors

Sports can be played in an organized setting, at school, in the street, or even in the backyard. A child benefits from playing sports, but since their bodies are still growing some safety precautions are recommended. Sports Safety for Kids ›

Motivation Must Reads

If keeping a fabulous physique isn't enough to keep you motivated, consider the mental health benefits of exercise. It can help you sleep better; improve your energy level; even ease some chronic pain. Walk Your Way To Better Health ›

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Did You Know?

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Fifteen minutes of Nintendo Wii boxing burns 108 calories. The game gets your heart rate up to 74 percent of its maximum on average-enough to improve endurance.