10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Genital Herpes

10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor about...

Genital Herpes

  1. What causes genital herpes? Can it be cured?

  2. How is genital herpes spread?

  3. What are common symptoms of genital herpes?

  4. How long does a genital herpes outbreak usually last? How often do outbreaks occur?

  5. Are medications available to treat genital herpes? How do they work? 

  6. What steps can I take to prevent future outbreaks?

  7. What are possible complications of genital herpes?

  8. Should I tell a new partner that I have genital herpes? How do you do that?

  9. What can I do to avoid passing herpes to my partner? Can I pass herpes to my partner even when I don’t have symptoms?

  10. I’m having a hard time coping with my diagnosis. Can you refer me to someone who can help?

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Which of these is NOT a common infection site for genital herpes?