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Gout's Silver Lining: A Lower Risk for Alzheimer's?

03/05/2015 - Study found people with the arthritic ailment had lower odds for dementia, but more research is needed

Gout Attacks More Common at Night: Study

12/11/2014 - Dehydration, lower body temp, or hormonal shifts may be to blame, expert says

Gout May Be Linked to Raised Diabetes Risk: Study

10/03/2014 - Women with this form of arthritis are more susceptible, researchers say

Common Gout Drug Tied to Lower Risk of Early Death in Study

03/28/2014 - Researchers followed British patients taking allopurinol

CT Scans Might Help Diagnose Gout in Some Cases

03/26/2014 - But, standard needle aspiration testing usually effective, study authors report

10 Percent of U.S. Adults Physically Limited by Arthritis: CDC

11/07/2013 - Experts say obesity epidemic has widened the pool of disabled

Health Tip: Know Risk Factors for Gout

08/07/2013 - It's more common in males

Will New Gout Findings Get a Toehold?

06/12/2013 - Flare-ups most likely if condition starts in joints such as knee or elbow, researchers say

Scientists ID New Genetic Connection for Gout

12/28/2012 - The painful inflammatory condition affects about 2 percent of people worldwide

Gout Management Is Focus of New Guidelines

10/02/2012 - Key practices for doctors, patients outlined by American College of Rheumatology

Gout Flare-ups Rise Sharply With Certain Foods: Study

05/31/2012 - Research found more attacks after high consumption of compounds called purines, especially from meat, seafood

As Obesity Rates Rise, Cases of Kidney Stones Double: Study

05/25/2012 - More Americans now suffer from kidney stones than from heart disease, stroke or diabetes

Enriched Skim Milk Good for Gout, Study Suggests

01/24/2012 - Pain, uric acid levels improved in those drinking shakes made of skim milk powders

Drug Eases Gout Flare-ups in Some Patients: Study

01/05/2012 - Starting gout treatment can lead to flare-ups, this drug might help

New Drug May Relieve Severe, Tough-to-Treat Gout

08/16/2011 - The injectable drug pegloticase offers relief to some patients, but carries risk of serious side effects

Painful Gout Afflicting More Americans: Study

07/28/2011 - More than 8 million adults now have the inflammatory joint disease, perhaps linked to rising obesity rates

Women Who Drink Sugary Beverages Raise Risk of Gout

11/10/2010 - Study found risk increased with consumption of high-fructose drinks

Statins Don't Reduce Colon Cancer Risk, Study Finds

11/08/2010 - Conclusion conflicts with some earlier research that saw a benefit

Painful Gout on the Rise in U.S.

11/08/2010 - Intake of sodas, coffee might affect risk for the arthritic ailment, studies show

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Gout – a painful type of arthritis – often first takes aim at the big toe. It also attacks other parts of the body, including fingers, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, and heels, causing stiff and swollen joints.