Healthy Living in the News

Small Childbirth Change Might Help Prevent Iron Deficiency in Babies: Study

04/17/2014 - With mothers holding newborns differently, cord clamping could be delayed, researchers say

Too Little Vitamin D May Add to Obesity's Burden

04/15/2014 - Study suggests severely overweight people are slowed down by low 'sunshine vitamin' levels

Teens' Indoor Tanning May Be Linked to Unhealthy Dieting

04/11/2014 - Poor body image behind both behaviors, expert says

Vegetables in Childhood May Benefit Breast Health

04/11/2014 - Girls who ate carotenoid-rich foods less likely to have breast conditions, study finds

Does Facebook Make Women Feel Bad About Their Bodies?

04/10/2014 - Study found more time on the social networking site was tied to greater likelihood of negative self-image

Jury Still Out on Benefits of Vitamin D

04/02/2014 - One of two reviews suggests it may help people live longer, but finding is not definitive

Could Reducing Stress Help Bring On a Migraine?

04/01/2014 - Small study suggests shifting hormone levels may have an impact, researcher says

More Than 1 Million Americans Caring for Injured Veterans: Report

04/01/2014 - Few public or private programs offer direct support to these caregivers, researchers say

Study Ties Daylight Saving Time Change to Rise in Heart Attacks

03/31/2014 - Michigan hospitals had more related admissions the next Monday, researchers found

Vitamin D Deficiency May Be Linked to Heart Disease

03/27/2014 - Low levels raise odds for clogged arteries, preliminary results suggest

Traffic Smog Tied to Hospital Stays for White Kids With Asthma

03/27/2014 - Among black kids in study, other factors appeared to play bigger role in asthma rehospitalizations

Take Heart: Mediterranean Diet Combats Diabetes, Study Says

03/27/2014 - It's especially beneficial to those at risk of heart disease, researcher contends

Stress May Diminish a Woman's Fertility, Study Suggests

03/24/2014 - First U.S. review to show a possible link between stress and how long it takes to get pregnant

For Happy Marriage, His Personality May Be Key

03/21/2014 - Study looked at health, 'positivity' and other traits in older couples

Hobbies Important for Stroke-Victim Caregivers

03/20/2014 - Happier caregivers help loved ones do better, researcher says

Device May Restore Speech to People on Breathing Tubes

03/19/2014 - Doctors say 'electrolarynx' eased frustration for patient on mechanical ventilator

Does Self-Esteem Affect Seniors' Health?

03/17/2014 - Small study tied higher levels of stress hormone to less well-being in older adults

Offices With Open Floor Plans Tied to More Sick Days

03/17/2014 - Swedish researchers say risk of infection, privacy issues may contribute

Stress Can Quickly Harm Kids' Health: Study

03/14/2014 - And chronic stress takes a toll on their well-being, research shows

Returning Military Dads Often Struggle to Reconnect With Kids

03/12/2014 - The toddler they come home to can be much different from the baby they left behind