Heart Disease in the News

Early Onset Hot Flashes May Point to Raised Heart Disease Risk

03/05/2015 - Studies found that the daily frequency of episodes seemed to matter, too

Easing Depression May Boost Heart Health, Study Finds

03/05/2015 - People with moderate to severe depression saw improved circulatory outcomes with antidepressants

Women Take Longer to Reach Hospital After Heart Attack

03/05/2015 - That delay may help explain why women twice as likely to die, researchers say

Veggie-Rich Diets May Mean Lower Heart Risks

03/05/2015 - Study found people who ate more plant foods than animal products less likely to die from heart disease

Stress May Undermine Heart Benefits of Exercise

03/05/2015 - Study found teens who lacked coping skills faced raised heart risks that physical fitness did not counter

Early Studies See No Heart Risk From Testosterone Therapy

03/04/2015 - But experts agree more research is needed, especially in light of FDA warning

Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Stem Further Damage After Heart Attack

03/04/2015 - Survivors who took large, daily dose of prescription-only capsules showed less decline in heart function

Another Study Finds Mediterranean Diet May Cut Heart Risks

03/04/2015 - People who followed it closely were 47 percent less likely to develop disease

More Cases of High Blood Pressure in Less Affluent States

02/26/2015 - The unemployed seemed to be at especially high risk, CDC researchers found

Younger Women Often Ignore Signs of Heart Attack

02/24/2015 - Study participants, from 30 to 55 years old, said they were reluctant to trigger false alarm

Certain Painkillers Ill-Advised After Heart Attack: Study

02/24/2015 - If you're taking anti-clotting drugs, you should avoid meds like ibuprofen and Celebrex, doctors say

After Blowing Their Stack, a Heart Attack

02/24/2015 - Explosive anger increased risk 8-fold, study found

Study Ties Saunas to Lower Risk of Death From Heart Disease

02/23/2015 - More frequent use, longer times per session decreased odds even more, but cause-and-effect link not proven

Light Activity a Boost to Seniors' Hearts

02/18/2015 - Low-level movement helps even those with limited mobility, study says

'Calculators' Doctors Use May Overestimate Heart Risks, Study Says

02/17/2015 - Such assessments should only be starting points for predicting risk, researcher explains

Newer Blood Thinner Beats Heparin for Certain Heart Attacks

02/17/2015 - Swedish study finds fondaparinux is effective, and reduces bleeding risk

More Evidence That Even 'Moderate' Exercise Helps Women's Hearts

02/16/2015 - A few sweat-inducing workouts per week are enough to cut risks in middle age, study finds

U.S. Advisers Rethink Cholesterol Risk From Foods: Report

02/10/2015 - Trans fats are a bigger threat to heart health, doctors and dietitians say

Effectiveness of Implanted Defibrillators May Depend on Patient's Age

02/10/2015 - They extended survival in those at high risk for sudden cardiac death, but those over 70 saw less benefit, study found

Blood Pressure Meds Lower Heart, Stroke Risks in Diabetics: Analysis

02/10/2015 - Patients did better even if they didn't actually have high blood pressure

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