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Blood Transfusions During Heart Surgery May Up Pneumonia Risk

01/27/2015 - But study found overall rate was under 4 percent

ER Patients With Chest Pain May Not Always Need Heart Tests: Study

01/26/2015 - Such screenings didn't predict who would have later heart trouble, researchers report

Pneumonia Raises Heart Disease Risk for Years: Study

01/20/2015 - Findings underscore value of preventive vaccines

Could a Drink a Day Lower Your Risk for Heart Failure?

01/20/2015 - Study found an association for middle-aged people, but experts stress that heavy drinking is never healthy

Weightlessness in Space May Lower Blood Pressure in Astronauts

01/16/2015 - But shifting of blood to upper body may also strain heart, study shows

Neck Artery Stents May Not Be Worthwhile in 'Real World' Setting

01/14/2015 - Study found a third of older patients died within two years of procedure

How Intense Efforts Boosted Heart Health for One Maine Community

01/13/2015 - Better screening, control of high cholesterol and blood pressure cut deaths and hospitalizations, study finds

Rotating Night Shift Work May Raise Risks of Heart Disease, Lung Cancer: Study

01/06/2015 - Research can't prove cause-and-effect, but does suggest a link

Diet Rich in Whole Grains Might Extend Your Life, Study Says

01/05/2015 - Findings held even after researchers accounted for person's weight, age and smoking status

Little Change in Fast Food Calorie Counts, Salt Content

12/31/2014 - Researchers tracked popular items from 3 major chains from 1996-2013

When Heart Docs Are Away, Their High-Risk Patients May Fare Better

12/23/2014 - Intensive procedures ordered less often, survival rates higher during cardiology conferences, study found

Number of Americans Taking Statins Keeps Rising: CDC

12/23/2014 - Even more should be taking them to cut risk of heart attack and stroke, cardiologist says

Certain Antibiotic/Statin Combos May Be Unsafe Mix: Study

12/22/2014 - Use of clarithromycin along with the cholesterol-lowering meds had higher risk of side effects

Only 4 in 10 Americans Eat Heart-Healthy Nuts Each Day, CDC Says

12/17/2014 - Even fewer consume an amount thought to help curb heart disease, study found

FDA Approves Blood Test That Gauges Heart Attack Risk

12/15/2014 - The screen is meant for people without history of heart disease, agency says

Exercise, Diet May Be Key to Beating a Common Irregular Heartbeat

12/12/2014 - Atrial fibrillation often hits older people, but study shows getting healthier can curb it

Heart Attacks Rose in N.J. in Hurricane Sandy's Wake

12/12/2014 - Jump in residents' stress, physical exertion may have played a role, researchers say

Study Casts Doubt on Low-Dose Aspirin for Women Under 65

12/05/2014 - Benefits of cutting heart disease and cancer risk is clearer in older women, but use should be individualized, experts say

Obesity-Related Ills May Shave Up to 8 Years Off Your Life: Study

12/05/2014 - Excess weight also shortens the time you live free of chronic diseases that lower quality of life, researchers say

Could a 'Mediterranean' Diet Extend Your Life?

12/03/2014 - Study points to genetic signs that the antioxidant-rich regimen might boost longevity

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