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High-Salt Diets Could Double Risk of Heart Woes for Diabetics

07/22/2014 - Risk even greater for people whose diabetes isn't well-controlled, study finds

No Change in Heart Attack Rates for Younger U.S. Adults

07/21/2014 - And women tend to fare worse than men, study finds

Niacin Doesn't Reduce Heart Problems, May Create Some, Research Finds

07/16/2014 - Talk with your doctor about whether or not you should keep taking it, expert advises

Is Obesity an Advantage After Heart Procedures?

07/16/2014 - Experts urge caution in interpreting study results

Potassium Supplements May Help Some Heart Failure Patients

07/16/2014 - Study finds they seem to improve survival for people taking 'water pill' diuretics

Even Moderate Drinking Might Raise Odds for Irregular Heartbeat

07/14/2014 - But the finding held true for wine and liquor only, not beer, researchers note

A Little Alcohol May Not Be Good for Your Heart After All

07/11/2014 - New gene-focused review suggests that cutting down on drinking is always heart-healthy

More Painkillers May Raise Heart Risks for Older Women: Review

07/08/2014 - Class of drugs that includes naproxen linked to increased chance of heart attack, stroke, but finding not conclusive

Change Bad Habits Early, Save Your Heart Later

07/03/2014 - Young adults who adopt healthier lifestyle can cut their heart disease risk, researchers say

Latest Study Finds No Link Between Testosterone Supplements, Heart Attack

07/02/2014 - Finding runs counter to some prior reports; much larger trials are needed, experts say

Nursing Home Care May Be Out of Reach for Many Aging 'Boomers': Study

06/30/2014 - Price tag for 1 year of institutionalized care is now about $84,000, federal report says

Quitting Smokeless Tobacco May Boost Survival After Heart Attack

06/23/2014 - Swedish study found those patients were half as likely to die within two years

Testosterone Products Must Warn About Risk of Venous Clots: FDA

06/20/2014 - Announcement comes as agency continues broader review of the popular supplements' effects on heart

Depression Doubles Odds of Heart Attack for Younger Women: Study

06/18/2014 - And compared with older women and men, they are more likely to become depressed, researchers say

Study Questions Use of Beta Blockers Before Heart Bypass Surgery

06/16/2014 - But at least one specialist says the finding shouldn't alter current procedures

Insulin-Metformin Combo Tied to Poorer Survival in Diabetes Study

06/10/2014 - Other experts dispute the study's conclusions

Heart Patients Without Artery Plaque Buildup Still Face Risks: Study

06/04/2014 - They still have an increased likelihood of heart attack, death, researchers found

Some Breast Cancer Patients May Get Drug-Linked Heart Failure: Study

06/03/2014 - But many aren't getting treated for the condition, researchers say

Antibiotic Lowers Death Risk for Elderly Patients With Pneumonia: Study

06/03/2014 - But azithromycin boosted chances of heart attack slightly in this vulnerable population

Take Heart: Mediterranean Diet Combats Type 2 Diabetes, Study Says

06/03/2014 - It's especially beneficial to those at risk of heart disease, researcher contends

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