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Hemorrhoids Glossary

Terms used to explain Hemorrhoids can sometimes be confusing. To help you fully understand the articles and features related to this very important health topic, we have compiled a glossary of terms that can help.

Anal Sphincter

anal sphincter
Function: noun
: either of two sphincters controlling the closing of the anus:
a: an outer sphincter of striated muscle extending from the coccyx to the central tendinous part of the perineum and surrounding the anus immediately beneath the skin —called also external anal sphincter, sphincter ani externus
b: an inner sphincter formed by thickening of the circular smooth muscle of the rectum —called also internal anal sphincter, sphincter ani internus

Anal Verge

anal verge
Pronunciation: \-ˈvərj\

Function: noun
: the distal margin of the anal canal comprising the muscular rim of the anus


Pronunciation: \ā-ˈnäs-kə-pē, ə-\

Function: noun
pl -pies
: visual examination of the anal canal with an anoscope


Pronunciation: \ˈbau(-ə)l\

Function: noun
: see: intestine see: gut; also: one of the divisions of the intestines usu. used in pl. except in medical use<move your bowels> <surgery of the involved bowel>


Pronunciation: \ˌkrī-ō-ˈsərj-(ə-)rē\

Function: noun
pl -ger*ies
: surgery in which diseased or abnormal tissue (as a tumor or wart) is destroyed or removed by freezing (as by the use of liquid nitrogen)


Pronunciation: \-ˈkot-ə-rē\

Function: noun
pl -ter*ies

1: a cautery operated by an electric current
2: the cauterization of tissue by means of an electrocautery

Hemorrhoidal Artery

hemorrhoidal artery
Function: noun
: see: rectal artery

Hemorrhoidal Vein

hemorrhoidal vein
Function: noun
: see: rectal vein


Function: noun
pl -mies
: surgical removal of a hemorrhoid


Pronunciation: \ˈpī(ə)l\

Function: noun

1: a single hemorrhoid
2pilespl: see: hemorrhoids; also: the condition of one affected with hemorrhoids


Pronunciation: \präk-ˈtīt-əs\

Function: noun
: inflammation of the anus and rectum


Pronunciation: \präk-ˈtäs-kə-pē\

Function: noun
pl -pies
: dilation and visual inspection of the rectum

Pruritus Ani

pruritus ani
Pronunciation: \-ˈā-ˌnī\

Function: noun
: pruritus of the anal region


Pronunciation: \ˌskler-ō-ˈther-ə-pē\

Function: noun
pl -pies
: the injection of a sclerosing agent (as morrhuate sodium) into a varicose vein to produce inflammation and scarring which closes the lumen and is followed by shrinkage; also: see: prolotherapy


Pronunciation: \ˌsig-ˌmoi-ˈdäs-kə-pē\

Function: noun
pl -pies
: the process of using a sigmoidoscope —called also proctosigmoidoscopy

Sitz Bath

sitz bath
Pronunciation: \ˈsits-\

Function: noun

1: a tub in which one bathes in a sitting posture
2: a bath in which the hips and buttocks are immersed in hot water for the therapeutic effect of moist heat in the perineal and anal regions

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