Hemorrhoids in the News

Progress Reported in Battling Advanced Ovarian Cancer

03/28/2015 - Experimental vaccine and cancer drug each slow disease progression, researchers find

Young People At Risk of Second Injury After Knee Surgery

03/28/2015 - Study finds repeat problems common after early ACL repair

Stiff Shoulder No Reason to Delay Rotator Cuff Surgery: Study

03/28/2015 - Adding special procedure during operation loosened joint, reduced risk of re-tears

People May Grow More Trusting With Age, Study Finds

03/27/2015 - And that could mean more happiness, too, researchers say

Weight-Loss Surgery Might Reduce Serious Asthma Flare-Ups

03/27/2015 - Emergency visits, hospitalizations for airway disease dropped by half after procedure, study finds

2014 Saw Only 3 Shark Attack Deaths Worldwide

03/27/2015 - But nonfatal attacks are up slightly around the world, researchers find

Connection Between Diabetes, Advanced Breast Cancer Detected in Study

03/27/2015 - Findings suggest need to modify screening methods

Avoid Medication Overdoses in Children

03/27/2015 - Expert offers tips for keeping kids safe

Expert Offers Tips to Help Babies With Stuffy Noses

03/27/2015 - Humidity and moisture can help prevent and treat congestion

Kidney Dialysis Increasing for Pregnant Women

03/27/2015 - Survey of kidney specialists shows hemodialysis becoming more common for expectant moms

Drinking Water Helps Prevent Kidney Stones

03/27/2015 - Researchers find eight or more glasses daily reduces the risk significantly

E-Cigarettes May Pose a Risk in Pregnancy and to Children

03/27/2015 - Nicotine can harm developing brains, experts say

Painful Knee Arthritis May Be Linked to Premature Death

03/27/2015 - Connection is likely due to limited mobility, researcher says

Kidney Patients Living Longer on Dialysis, Study Shows

03/27/2015 - Better treatments, tighter management of disease may explain promising trend

Health Highlights: March 27, 2015

03/27/2015 -

Could a Diet Help Shield You From Alzheimer's?

03/27/2015 - Scientists say the MIND eating plan significantly reduces risk of the brain disorder

Free School Breakfasts Appear to Boost Kids' Grades

03/27/2015 - Math, reading and science scores better in schools that subsidized morning meals

Health Tip: Turning Kids on to a Healthy Lifestyle

03/27/2015 - Make them want to eat healthier

Health Tip: Monitoring Your Weight

03/27/2015 - Weigh yourself often

Terminally Ill Can Do Without Statins, Study Finds

03/26/2015 - Reducing pill burden improves quality of life