Hemorrhoids in the News

Rat Study Suggests Light at Night Might Hamper Breast Cancer Therapy

09/30/2014 - Tumors in rodents exposed to dim light seemed to develop resistance to a common cancer drug

Gene Study Finds No Proof Vitamin D Guards Against Type 2 Diabetes

09/30/2014 - Some past research had suggested a possible benefit against the disease

CDC Confirms First Patient Diagnosed With Ebola in United States

09/30/2014 - Unidentified man cared for at Dallas hospital developed symptoms days after flying from West Africa

Head Injuries May Raise Chances of Risky Behavior by Teens

09/30/2014 - Study found adolescents were more likely to smoke, drink, have poor grades after bad concussion

Spacing Between Sibling Births Tied to Autism Risk in Study

09/30/2014 - But authors, expert stressed that couples shouldn't base family planning on this finding

Acupuncture May Not Help Chronic Knee Pain, Study Finds

09/30/2014 - Laser, needle treatment worked no better than 'sham' procedure

Could a 'Fat Tongue' Be a Factor in Sleep Apnea?

09/30/2014 - In study, obese people with the disorder tended to have more fat at base of tongue

Social Support May Be Key to Heart Attack Recovery

09/30/2014 - Study found younger patients fared worse if they did not have family, friends to help afterwards

Obesity Tied to Higher Cancer Risk for Colon Cancer Survivors

09/30/2014 - Finding is yet another reason to maintain a healthy weight, experts say

Groups Call for Medicare Coverage of Lung Cancer Screening

09/30/2014 - CT scans for high-risk seniors covered by private insurers, but Medicare not required to do so

Recessions May Thwart a Woman's Motherhood Plans Forever: Study

09/30/2014 - Research found initial impact was most pronounced among women in their 20s, and lasted until they were in their 40s

Fish Oil Supplements Have Little Effect on Irregular Heartbeat: Study

09/30/2014 - Atrial fibrillation increases the risk for stroke, researchers note

Can Exercise Prevent Type 2 Diabetes? Your Genes May Be Key

09/30/2014 - Some obese people have DNA that makes it tougher for workouts to fend off the disease, study suggests

When It Comes to Sex Partners, Men Prefer Younger Women: Study

09/30/2014 - Researchers found women likelier to seek mates around their own age

Herceptin Best for Certain Breast Cancer Patients, Study Says

09/30/2014 - Drug should remain standard of care for HER2-positive tumors, doctors say

Health Highlights: Sept. 30, 2014

09/30/2014 -

Health Tip: Get Physical Activity

09/30/2014 - From sports to cleaning, there are many ways to burn calories

Health Tip: Curbing Nighttime Nursing

09/30/2014 - Feed baby more during the day

Medical Implant Devices Skate Through Review Process, Studies Claim

09/29/2014 - Researchers criticize FDA for lax oversight; agency defends its approach

Antibiotic Use Before Age 2 Might Raise Obesity Risk, Study Says

09/29/2014 - Researchers suspect broad-spectrum versions change makeup of microbes in gut