Hemorrhoids in the News

Smokers May Need More Anesthesia, Painkillers for Surgery

05/29/2015 - Study finds effect seems to extend to people exposed to secondhand smoke, too

New Research May Help Control Brown Dog Ticks

05/29/2015 - These pests breed indoors and may be resistant to common pesticides

Babies Prefer Sound of Other Babies Over Adults

05/29/2015 - Researcher says infants may be 'finding their voice'

Immune-Based Drug Shows Promise Against Advanced Lung Cancer

05/29/2015 - Patients given nivolumab reported fewer side effects, longer survival than those receiving usual chemo agent

Gene Test May Predict Success of Cancer Drug in Certain Patients

05/29/2015 - Finding might one day help doctors better choose patients to receive Keytruda, study says

150 People May Have Had Contact With Lassa Fever Victim: CDC

05/29/2015 - But most at little risk of infection from the potentially fatal disease that's rare in U.S.

Millennials Turning Their Backs on Religion

05/29/2015 - Study finds they are least spiritual generation in six decades

FDA Warns of Complications From Facial Fillers

05/29/2015 - When injections accidentally enter blood vessels, blockages and damage can occur

Vets With PTSD Might Need Sleep Apnea Screening: Study

05/29/2015 - Research suggests risk of nighttime breathing problem rises with severity of post-traumatic stress disorder

Rapamune Approved for Rare Lung Disease

05/29/2015 - LAM affects mostly women of child-bearing age

Health Highlights: May 29, 2015

05/29/2015 -

Excess Weight Linked to Worse Prostate Cancer Prognosis

05/29/2015 - Radiation less effective for overweight, obese men, researchers say

Inmates Denied Methadone Less Likely to Choose Treatment When Released

05/29/2015 - But nearly all given the drug-addiction medication stayed on it once freed, study finds

Health Tip: Don't Use Food as a Reward

05/29/2015 - Here are suggested alternatives

Health Tip: Protect Your Eyes From Corneal Abrasion

05/29/2015 - Wear goggles when you're near machinery

Oil and Gas Industry Worker Death Rate Down by a Third

05/28/2015 - CDC report notes mortality declined even as industry boomed

Two Drugs Approved for Irritable Bowel

05/28/2015 - Syndrome affects up to 15 percent of U.S. adults

Marriage Before College Graduation Tied to More Weight Gain

05/28/2015 - Study finds obesity much more likely in 20s, 30s

Diabetes Drug Metformin May Lower Glaucoma Risk

05/28/2015 - Study found people with highest dose were 25 percent less likely to develop eye condition

Older Hispanic Men at Risk of Hearing Loss, Study Finds

05/28/2015 - Income, education, noise exposure also play role in odds people will lose their hearing, researchers say