Hemorrhoids in the News

College Women Can Use Food Strategies, Study Finds

09/21/2014 - Freshmen unsure that they'll make the right choices

Get a Flu Shot During Checkup, Doctor Says

09/21/2014 - Vaccination in October may give you the best chance of avoiding influenza this season

Cyberbullying Seems to Ramp Up in Middle School

09/20/2014 - Effective prevention strategies must not be 'one-size-fits-all,' researcher says

Avian Flu In Harbor Seals Could Infect People

09/19/2014 - Mutations to the virus might allow it to spread, researchers say.

Trulicity Approved for Type 2 Diabetes

09/19/2014 - New drug helps regulate blood sugar

Tight Blood Sugar Control Doesn't Prevent Strokes in Diabetics: Study

09/19/2014 - But keeping blood pressure in check does, researchers say

Some U.S. Troops May Face Greater Skin Cancer Risk

09/19/2014 - Soldiers might not have regular access to sunscreen, research reveals

Do Greener Neighborhoods Produce Healthier Babies?

09/19/2014 - Fewer preemies and small babies delivered when moms live near trees, grass, study says

Brain Structure Might Help Predict Risky Behavior

09/19/2014 - Study finds people with greater volume in one brain region are more likely to take risks involving money

Scientists Spot How Bacterial Pneumonia Damages the Heart

09/19/2014 - A vaccine, and the right antibiotic, may guard against a direct attack on heart cells, researchers say

FDA Approves Another Weekly Injectable Drug for Type 2 Diabetes

09/19/2014 - Trulicity helps lower blood sugar levels when used alone or with other medications, agency says

Adults Over 45 Not Meeting U.S. Muscle Strengthening Guidelines, Study Says

09/19/2014 - Less than one-quarter follow recommendations

More Schools Stocking Shots That Counter Serious Allergic Reactions

09/19/2014 - Having epinephrine auto-injectors on hand can save lives, advocates say

U.S. Gun Deaths Lowest in Hawaii, Highest in D.C.

09/19/2014 - Decade-long study also finds firearm death rates twice as high in black people compared with whites

Oral Health in Women of Childbearing Age Needs Improvement

09/19/2014 - Large disparity in dental care, U.S. government research shows

Health Highlights: Sept. 19, 2014

09/19/2014 -

Health Tip: Beware of Household Chemicals

09/19/2014 - Store them safely

Health Tip: Getting More Whole Grains

09/19/2014 - Include one in your breakfast menu

Family Squabbles Can Derail Recovery From Cancer Surgery

09/19/2014 - Study finds infection, other complications more likely for patients with difficult lives

Rising Atlantic Ocean Temperatures Could Pose Threat to Reefs

09/18/2014 - Warmer waters could increase the range of invasive fish species, study shows